Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Coron Palawan: a Late Summer Trip

Another long weekend is coming up (June 10-12) and what better way to spend it than to travel to Coron, Palawan over the weekend, Right?!  All you need is a friend/sibling/lover to go with you and around P12,000 cash for the both of you and off you go! Never mind the weather. It won’t be so bad since the heavy rainy season at Coron falls on the month of September. And it’s only June.  Superferry bound to Coron leaves the Manila port at around 9PM on a Friday and by 7am Saturday, you’re already there! The boat leaves for Manila every Sunday, 9PM and by Monday morning, you’re back! Perfect schedule for a perfect vacation, right?
Our Superferry boat ride and arrival in Coron

Kokosnuss Resort

 Off to our island hopping adventure
The Twin Lagoon

Climbing the Station of the Cross

We were there from June 5-6, 2004 and let me tell you folks, we never imagined that we will be able to experience the exotic beauty and majesty of Coron’s nature and wonder. It was simply a dream come true! Knowing us, we of course found a way to budget P10,000 for the both of us, inclusive of economy boat fare Manila-Coron-Manila courtesy of Superferry, and accommodations with complete sets of meals at Kokosnuss Resort (a German Resort). Their food is superb, let me tell you and the P2,598/pax package includes not only 2 days accommodation but also  island hopping to the twin Lagoon (with its mixture of fresh and salt water, it looks fuzzy and weird), trip to Maquinit Hotsprings and the Mangrove Forest,  climb to the station of the cross and trip to the Barracuda Lake  (which we took by trekking all the way up the the slippery mountain). Snorkeling in the lake’s waters was so calming and freaky at the same time. It was soooo clear at first but as we went deeper into the water, it gets really dark and cold that I got a bit frightened, thinking about monsters way below awaiting its prey which was us! *gasp.
Going to the Barracuda Lake

At the Barracuda Lake

The Mangroves

Maquinit Hot Springs
The rest of our energy and extra money as well were spent on shopping for clothes and native house ornaments. We were really sad to say goodbye…. But not to fret coz next time we get the chance, we plan to visit the other sites in Palawan…hopefully somewhere in Puerto Princesa. If we’re really lucky and blessed, we wanna visit El Nido or Dos Palmas or Club Noah Isabelle.

How about you? Do share your travel stories with us.

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