Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Bolinao on a Weekend

The previous night, I was dreaming of going back to La Union for another surfing adventure when I woke up to a single text message from Joan asking me if we’d be interested of going to Bolinao with Paw and her BF (and Browman Revival’s vocalist) Dino. At first I was excited that they asked us and then it dawned on me that we’d be picking up a friend at the airport same date that they’d be going there. So I pulled all our resources to make this trip happen. Afterall, the sun has been shining more frequently these days and I truly miss the beach…

So, at 11pm of Saturday June 10, after having dinner at Pier 1, Tomas Morato, we headed up north to Pangasinan, a 5-6 hours drive  to the Lingayen Gulf from Manila. We arrived at the beach around 4am. The beach was calm and the perfect full moon was in sight. Dino and Joan slept under the moon and the stars, Paw immediately started skim boarding, Peter took a nap while I explored the beach and took some pictures.

        At the Parola;            We arrived at 4am at the beach
                        Inside the Enchanting Cave

By 8 am, after breakfast, we headed to the Parola (lighthouse) and spent some time there goofing around. Then we headed to the white beach. The waves were quite fierce but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the waters and the beach. We all got a good tan and we were quite tired already by the time we went exploring the caves (Wonderful and Enchanted caves). It was such an adventurous day trip! We hope to do this again! (And again..and again…and again…)

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