Thursday, August 24, 2006

Costa Aguada Resort in Guimaras

It’s just been three months ago since we last experienced this piece of paradise and now, it’s being damaged by an oil spill at a very alarming rate. I don’t wanna discuss the details of the damage. It’s too depressing. I know a lot of environmental groups are doing something to help solve this pollution problem and even our President formed a task force to specifically address this oil spill issue. I don’t know how I can help. I’ve got so much in my hands and I don’t have the skill to do some technical oil cleaning or whatever they call it. All I can do is to show you how beautiful this paradise once was and perhaps someone out there with more resources  will be inspired to help in a more concrete manner.

This post was taken from my Kodakgallery blog:

Another long weekend has come. Although Peter had some business matters in mind, we still decided to go somewhere secluded, just the two of us, to spend some quality time together as husband and wife and for once have a “lazy” vacation. We therefore boarded a plane to Bacolod then headed to this island via boat called Inampulugan in Guimaras.
It is an island owned by the Oppens (German) and where Costa Aguada Resort is located. This island, we later found out, is very self-sufficient. It has its own water supply (dating back to the time of war when Japanese army troops used to inhabit this place), copra plantation (housing 300 workers), elementary school for the workers’ children (for free!), turtle farm (housing 40 turtles), various fruit-bearing trees on their mountainous forests, factory for native handicrafts, clean river for fishing and a nice pristine beach resort that houses around 40 cottages of different types.
There are also nearby islets which we visited to buy some fresh catch of fish and crabs and to have our lunch picnic.
Going back to Costa Aguada, this perhaps has the most accommodating and professional staff out of all the resorts we’ve been to all these years. The Manager (by the name of James) and all his staff gave very good and fast service. We really felt valued and so at home. If only for this, we’d keep on coming back to this place. They also offered several options for dining (at the Pavilion, at the pool side, by the bonfire, and at the creek side). And to keep all the guests busy, they have several amenities (some of which we enjoyed) like the swimming pool, playground, kayaks, fishing boats and several courts for various sports — basketball, tennis, volleyball, badminton.
Everything we wanted was there…including their exquisite and sweet Guimaras mangoes. What a relaxing weekend!”
Too bad, it will take a very long time before we can visit this place again. And by then, I’m not even sure if the oil spill would’ve been totally eradicated. What will happen now to its inhabitants? They rely solely on the livelihood provided by their natural habitat — fishing, boating, tourist accommodations, island hopping and water sports, etc.  Tsk, tsk, tsk.  Even I  am devastated.  What a waste of paradise… With the proper technology to clean up this place, it might still have a chance in the future… Hopefully…

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