Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hundred Islands in Pangasinan

sunrise over the hundred islands

I miss the beach — my sun, my sand, my water. It’s been really hot lately as if it’s summer once again. If only it never rained, you wouldn’t really know that we’re  still in the middle of September. So where can one go  even for just a weekend? I think I may just have the answer to that. How about a trip to the Hundred Islands in Pangasinan?

exploring General Luna island
view from the top of General Luna island
It’s  actually   easy.   Going  there  will  take  a  long  drive, around 4-5 hours depending on traffic and whether you get lost or not. Well, we kinda got lost along the way but by around 10-11 am, we reached Villa Milagrosa, a small hotel just across the bay where we rented 2 rooms for us and the boats for hire were just nearby.        
       We discovered this little stretch of sand bar while island hopping…

It  was  really  worth  the  long  trip.  We  visited  the  three  major islands  – General Luna, Lopez and Quezon. We even explored the other little islets, caves, sand bars and went snorkeling at the so-called pearl farm where we saw so many coffin-like-structures underwater where pearls are cultivated inside oh-so-large shells. It was really quite amazing in a freaky kind of way.   
Frolicking in the waters of Lopez island                Quezon Island

That’s where we found those giant clams underwater!
The rest of the time, we explored their  park, tiangge and other restaurants.
Feeling siokoy and sirena….hahaha!
The whole vacation was quite an experience and I believe it made us bond even more as a family.

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