Monday, October 23, 2006

La Union Surfing and Skimboarding (Part III)

 Surf’s up folks! Again, as a tribute to October being the surfing month, I will be sharing with you more of my surfing adventures which started only last summer. Watch how better I got at this sport. I mean now, I could already stand up the freakin’ surfboard even if there are no strong waves! It’s pretty hard, I tell you. I can already paddle and I’m slowly learning to catch a wave on my own. And most importantly, I’m no longer afraid of huge waves! They’re actually a lot more fun than the calm waters of various seas I’ve snorkelled in my lifetime. Anyway, here’s the third segment of my surfing adventures… Enjoy!


Iza’s brother, Van, Iza, Peter, Me,  Cecille, Mark  (Ninette and  Dodgie  were somewhere else at this point)

It’s been a month since we last surfed and being pretty addicted to it, I couldn’t wait to go back to the waves again. So I asked all my friends if they are interested in going with us. Fortunately, seven of them said yes. That’s more than enough. Yipee! La Union, here we come!

Welcome to San Juan Surf Resort (238 Bgy. Urbiztondo San Juan 2514)

However, when we finally arrived at San Juan Surf Resort, we noticed that the waves weren’t that huge. We were bombed. Travelling about 6 hours from Manila to La Union is no joke especially when it means having little sleep and scrimping etxra money just so we can have more than enough for gas, food and surfing lessons. Good thing we brought our new skimboard and this was the perfect opportunity to try it out.

Peter and Jericho tries skimboarding for the first time.
I have my own style in skimboarding which the others couldn’t quite get (the way I couldn’t do it standing up).

At around 4 in the afternoon, our luck started to change.  Waves were starting  to form and we immediately took advantage of it.   Even if we had only 1 surfboard, we didn’t lose any time. One by one,  for 10 minutes each, we  tried our best to catch a wave. And that’s just what we did! Yahoo!!! The waves may not be the kind we hoped for but they will do.

Peter and I caught a small wave

In the evening,  Peter and I brought our friends to our favorite dining place in the city, Halu-Halo de Iloko. We were such a huge group! We were so famished we ordered and ate like there was no tomorrow!

Feasting at Halu-Halo de Iloko
Back at the beach, we had some drinks we bought at a convenience store on the way back to the resort. Before we knew it, we were all getting tipsy and way too loud. Hahaha! I was even showing Iza my fencing moves back in college. Good thing I didn’t trip while doing a pose. Hehehe.
Pre! Allez!
The next day, our luck in surfing turned dire so we just skimboarded some more and even tried kayaking. We freaked out when we saw one huge jellyfish that our boat almost toppled. Hahaha! We had so much fun!
Kayaking with Jericho, Cecille, Ninette and the Jellyfish!

enjoying the beach some more…
The following day, we just enjoyed the beach and waters some more before finally heading back to Manila.  Somewhere in Gerona, Tarlac, we saw this huge dining place called ISDAAN. We stopped to look at the place and it was sooo huge! They even have 6-9 ft. deep ponds, gigantic botero-like structures, an anger management game called tacsiapo where you can buy glasses, plates and even an actual TV to throw at the  wall  while shouting, “TACSIAPO!!!”

entering ISDAAN…
 Cecille and I with the Boteros in ISDAAN

All these happened last May. I was aware that it would take several months before we could go back there again.  True enough, last weekend, after 5 months, we were able to surf at last! This time, I learned new tricks from Jericho like how to touch the wave while surfing, paddling and catching a wave on my own. I even met Luke Landrigan and Pok, the one-legged surfer, two of the top wave riders of our country! Watch out for the fourth segment of my surfing adventures. More pictures to come…

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