Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sexy Nomad Goes La Union Surfing I

Surf’s up folks! And as a tribute to October being the surfing month, I will be sharing with you my surfing adventures which started only last summer. Watch how better I got at this sport. I mean now, I could already stand up the freakin’ surfboard! I can already paddle but I have yet to learn how to catch a wave on my own. And most importantly, I’m no longer afraid of huge waves! They’re actually a lot more fun than the calm waters of various seas I’ve snorkelled in my lifetime. Anyway, here’s the first segment of my surfing adventures… Enjoy!

First Time Surfer Dudes and Dudettes
It seems like Peter and I are being continuously blessed with such amazing friends and we just can’t let the season sizzle without enjoying their company. So one weekend, we decided to try a different interest and that is to surf.

              Our Ten-Year Old Baby!!! LOL!!!

So early dawn (around 2am), we braved the long road ahead of us. Good thing Vangie invited us for an early breakfast at their mansion in Pampanga. There, we met a 10 year old kid that could have been my son with Peter. He sooo looks like us!!! I cried myself with tears of joy & awe at the sight of that cute cuddly kid!!!

I can do this!!!

Anyways, after 2 hours of breakfast and laughter, we headed to La Union. And my God! The waves were pretty huge! Nevertheless, since we were there and have nothing better else to do, we tried surfing, for two hours. It was the scariest yet most exhilarating thing I’ve ever done in my entire life!!! Peter got so addicted that he wanted to go there every weekend (yeah, right!).
Ate Rose, Vina, Odhe, Me, Cecille

Vina, Rose and Vangie just stayed by the beach and played with the waves while Odhe, Peter, Cecille & I braved the fierce waters. We almost drowned but it was worth it! We even became friends with our surfer instructors - Jericho & Joey.

The Famous Halu-Halo de Iloko
That night, Echo accompanied us tour their colorful city. We ate at Halu-Halo De Iloko, a famous resto with tasty Iloko dishes, frequented by foreigners and showbiz personalities.

the overlooking place
Then he brought us to a pavilion overlooking the city and the bay, then went shopping for native finds at their night market, and bought some pulutan as well.

time for some bonfire bonding
We then headed back to the beach. It was hot, humid, no air at all..a perfect set up for making a bonfire.We were getting drunk and flirty before midnight, having fun, asking intimate questions to one another when all of a sudden, Joey’s shot glass broke while he was gently holding it.Then in a split second, Odhe and Joey saw something. Peter (with his third eye and supernatural abilities), confirmed. He described the ghost and the two surfer dudes with us confirmed. The ghost they saw was the same girl who drowned last summer. All of a sudden, a cold gust of wind blew, putting off our candles and our bonfire. Then it started to drizzle. We all freaked out, thinking that the ghost was probably mad for being disturbed and so we left the beach in a haze. Peter stayed to talk with the ghost. When he went back to our cottage, Peter told us that the ghost was just lonely and wanted company. And from then on, it was just ghost stories until about 2 in the morning. I’m not sure if all of us slept well that night considering that we just went through one scary experience!

San Juan Surf Resort
body boarding galore

The next day, we enjoyed the waves and tried our new body boards. It was so much fun! The waves were not as huge and it was actually perfect for surfing. But that day, we just went body boarding until every bone and muscle in our body ached. Tired but happy, we started our way home and stopped at Soul Cafe for late lunch.

FUN at Soul Cafe

Soul Food’s specialties

And all the way back home, we just busied ourselves with Dr. House on our portable DVD player. What a weekend! Whew!



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