Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Capones Adventure in Zambales

Despite the hurricane warning of CNN and PAGASA, we still pushed through with our plan. Like I said, "Let God's will be done!" Hehehe. For some reason, all of us were feeling very brave that dawn, without a care in the world. But of course, I still checked out the weather forecast on the internet when we got home. And it says that it's signal # 2 in Iba while it's signal # 1 for the rest of Zambales. We won't be reaching Iba. Our destination is only up to Pundaquit, San Antonio. So meaning, we'll only encounter signal # 1 of the storm. Very easy. Hahahaha!

 Peter is bald again and trying out the waters of Pundaquit.

So we all met up at 7-11 near Quezon Ave. MRT station. While waiting for Dino, us girls did some food shopping for our trip.When he got there, we also tried withdrawing some cash at a nearby ATM to no avail. Oh well!

Watching Dino surf for the first time...

By 5am, we were already on the road to pick up Ode at Meycauayan, Bulacan. Then off we headed to San Antonio, Zambales.

Night of drinking, dancing and singing...

The Human Walrus and Sexy Nomad doing a 70's dance step...
more of our drunken state as Dino sings MY WAY...
We reached Megan's Resort at around 8am. Just as we predicted, there was no wind at all. The sky was overcast and to our disappointment, no waves for surfing too. On the other hand, it will be very easy to cross the sea and go to Capones and Camara Islands.  Boat rental is only P600 good for 5 persons and it will only take around 25 minutes to cross the sea. BUT, Ate Rose texted Peter urging us all NOT to venture seaward. She's very concerned that the typhoon might hit our area any time and we might be left stranded on an island. Point taken.

The other boat on the way to Capones  

After checking-in, we rested a bit. We got this room that already has 2 king-sized beds and hot & cold shower. It's priced at P2800 less 20%. The seven of us divided the cost and voila! It came out very cheap. Not bad! Not bad at all!

So near...yet so far...

On our first day, we explored the beach, tried the water, went to the estuary and in the afternoon, I was able to rent a surfboard from a local for P800 for 24-30 hours. Cool! The boys surfed until their bodies ached while us girls just watched by the beach.

Reaching Capones Island at last!!!

Later that afternoon, when I was napping, Iza and Van surprised me with their arrival! I was so delighted! Edson (Iza's brother) was also with them. They couldn't bear the thought of us having fun here while they're all in Manila listening to PAGASA's lies.  Too bad for Vina. She was the only one left by the group. It was probably not really meant for her.

Snorkelling galore...
Post snorkelling photo shoot

That night, we abused the Videoke and sang our hearts out until 1:30am. Addict! Hahaha! Some locals recognized Dino and asked him to sing "Lintik", one of the better known songs in the Steady Lang album of Brownman Revival. He agreed as long as they'll let him sing MY WAY afterwards, claiming that it's his favorite song of all time. Hahaha!

Hiking to the other side...

The following day, the sun was shining so bright that we decided to visit Capones Island. It's supposed to take around half an hour to cross, right? For some reason, our boat had some engine problems and it took them almost an hour to cross us. And when things just couldn't get any worse, we even forgot to bring some food and water! We only realized this fact when the boats already left us, promising to come back at 12 noon. Oh, bummer!

 The other side of Capones...

Still, we managed to have some fun! We frolicked in the coral-laden waters and snorkelled a bit. We saw lots of blue and yellow fishes, black sea urchins and huge starfishes.  Still not satisfied, we hiked to the other side of the island, passing by tall wild grasses until we found another beach laden with leeches and starfishes. Eeeewwww! Naturally, the boys had some fun with those grotesque sea creatures.  It was low tide that morning so there was really nothing we can do but just walk  in the shallow waters.

Exploring the other side...
We headed back to the main beach of Capones after a while and had some pictures taken on top of the huge boulders. Some of us went sunbathing while the rest just did their own thing. There were so many garbage lying around. We even found a tattered ball, an ink cartridge, a rubber shoe and a lot of broken bottles and plastic bags. If only we had enough strength to clean up the place, we will. But since we were running low on fuel (no food and water remember?), we just stayed put and waited for our boats. Good thing that another set of tourists came and us girls boarded it immediately and quietly headed back to Pundaquit. Whew!
Leech and starfish like these were scattered all over the shallow waters at the other side of the beach.
The rest of our second day was spent resting while the others went to Magsaysay to catch some surfing waves. I didn't go with them anymore. I just slept the rest of the afternoon and started packing my stuff.

 Climbing this boulder was no joke...

We checked-out around 6pm and headed back to Subic where we had dinner at Yellow Cab. We reached home around 12 mn, super tired and sleepy.  It was one heck of a weekend!  Thank God  we all came back in one piece.  :-)

Pizza and pasta feast at Yellow Cab in Subic.

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