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Pearl Farm Beach Resort in Davao

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  Inside the Marina while waiting for our boat
The receptionist at Davao Museum gave me the number of the resort that books day trips to Pearl Farm. So I called them up and asked for the details. The trip would cost P1500 each inclusive of boat transfers from Marina to Pearl Farm, welcome drinks, buffet lunch at the resort, free island hopping, shuttle tour of the resort and use of swimming facilities. Not bad! 

heading to our boat
The next day, we woke up early and headed to Marina by 7am. Boat will leave at 8am and we didn’t want to be late. While waiting, we took lots of pictures and chilled a bit in their lounge. Finally, we were on the boat on the way to Pearl Farm. The ride only took about 45 minutes and the waters weren’t chopppy at all. We were really excited!

Getting my welcome DRINKS upon arrival…hehehe.
Reaching Pearl Farm was like a dream come true. Welcome drinks were served (iced tea with calamansi) and one by one, we all paid for our trip. We got there a little before 9am and the first activity we wanted to do was to go to the other secluded island, explore it a bit and take lots of photos.

the other island
Minutes later, we arrived at the island. It was so serene. The sky was so blue and clear, the sand was so white and there were so many coconut trees around with flower-bearing shrubs and plants.

Photo ops… as usual.

So imagine how disappointed we were when we saw the quality of the water. There were garbage  floating , several starfish  and  an unidentified  humongous sea snake/centipede-like sea creature. Eeeeewwwww!!!!

the unidentified sea creature
Peter tried to swim but the topography of the sand just a few meters from the beach is very steep and the water aint clear at all.  It made me realize that out of all the beaches we’ve been to, the clarity of the water was the same as that of Alegre Resort in Sogod, northeastern Cebu  (a five-star resort at that!) and so far, my top three in the best beaches category according to me and Peter are as follow: 1) that of Club Panoly in Boracay; 2) White sand bar in Bais Bay, Dumaguete; 3) Basdaku beach, Moalboal in Southwestern Cebu.
The Human Walrus and the Starfish
Feeling disappointed that we weren’t really able to swim, we just decided to go back to the main resort and spend time at their pool. There was another bigger pool at the back of the resort. We saw this while riding the shuttle touring the rest of the island as well as an overlooking spot on top of the island’s hill. It was really awesome. Too bad we weren’t able to spend more time there since the driver was following a schedule.

swimming pool w/ jacuzzi                      on top of the hill
Come lunch time, we took a table at the pavilion and waited for the food to be prepared. In no time at all, we were lining up and filling our plates with numerous dishes and every bit was as scrumptious as I’d hoped for. Yummy!

Goodbye DIET!
We took a nap for one and a half hours by the swimming pool and afterwards, swam some more. 

the infinity pool
Then I noticed the high tide and immediately headed to the beach to frolick in the waters. I was able to swim for a while. The water was still not very clear but at least there were no trashes floating around and there were fishes swimming nearby. That made me happy!

Aaahhh… seawater at last!
By 3:15 pm we got ready for the ride back to Marina. On our way back, I realized that the reason why the other island had garbage floating around was probably because at the left side of Pearl Farm is a squatters’ area. That made me sad. The government should do something about this as it is clearly affecting the quality of the beaches nearby. Sigh.
exploring the rest of the resort
We were hoping to visit Victoria Plaza Mall that night. But because we were sooo tired from trip, we just opted to stay in and watch more of Prison Break. But we didn’t stay up too late since we will be picked up by a cab at 8am the next day to explore other sites Davao had to offer.

Until then…

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