Tuesday, February 27, 2007

ISLA VERDE, Batangas: MY 29th Birthday Celeb Part II

Our real estate broker, Rolly, offered us a free overnight stay for 6 people at Isla Verde in Batangas in the hopes that we'd also be interested in buying a property there.We got interested coz we are also scouting for nice beach lots that we can eventually purchase. So we gave this one a look. Hmm... not bad.
After more three hours on the road, we eventually reached this private pier in Batangas for Isla Verde boats. We waited for almost an hour  for our ride. Finally, we boarded and headed to the green island. It took us another 45 minutes by sea. Half the time, I was watching Grey's Anatomy on my portable DVD player until I decided to turn it off amidst the growing srprinkle of the sea then I dozed off with the gentle sea breeze hitting my face.
Me & Papa                                         Me & Peachie 

With Mommy and Daddy 
Finally, at around past noon, we reached the beautiful island. 
It's beautiful alright. And it gave me the feeling like we were in Costa Aguada Resort in Guimaras...
However, their beach is not that fantastic. It's full of corals and is usually low tide in the morning. If we do decide to go somewhere deeper for snorkelling, jellyfishes would be the problem.
At the resort, I noticed that there are various types of accommodations. Aside from the usual cottages, they also offer CONDOTELs at a much higher rate. We were considered to be the first occupants of this brand new condotel.  
This is the pavilion/receiving area... 
It would be nice to throw a ball here... a wedding ball perhaps. 
This is the suite we got... 
Quite spacious huh? 
Time to take lotsa pictures by the beach! 
Then we started exploring the island and its lots for sale... 


watching the sunset before heading back to the resort... 
Whew! What a day! Instead of swimming, we spent it hiking. Goodness! 
 Hanging out at the Pavilion while waiting for my mom & dad...
My surprise birthday pancake! It was Papa's idea since there were no other cakes available and Papa wanted it to be special. He's really the sweetest. 
My first Olympus underwater shots...
Trying to outdo FHM cover girls. Hahaha! 
Papa's so thin! Now, if only Peter can do the same...hehehe. 
Papa's a stud! 
Time to go back to the city... 
Stop over for late lunch... 
TreeHouse restaurant keeps this huge python for a pet. 

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