Sunday, February 25, 2007

Surfing in La Union

Pa has some friends in Narvacan he wanted to visit during his stay here. Peter and I wanted to go surfing. So together with Peachie, Vina and Francis, we headed to La Union three weekends ago (Feb 10&11) and had the time of our life catching waves, soaking up the sun, eating good food and just plainly hanging out with each other.

Francis, Vina, Peachie, Pa and Peter
As the sun was rising on our way up north, we stopped over at one of the gas stations in the town of Rosario.  It has a nice ambience and it made our breakfast alive and fun. After about 20-30 mins of eating and talking about anything and everything (including some weird stuff c/o me, Peachie and Vina), we continued our journey to the land of surf and sea…
Me, Peachie and Pa having hotdogs for breakfast.
When we arrived at San Juan Surf Resort, our rooms were not yet ready. So, we hung out by the shed first and checked if the surf’s already up. Unfortunately, the sea was flat and we didn’t think we’d be catching waves any time soon…

 Hanging out at the surf shack fronting the beach…
True enough, we didn’t catch any waves that Saturday. But because we didn’t wanna waste any opportunity, we still brought Didi to the sea and practiced paddling. Pa tried to ride our surfboard and he was great! Now, if only he can catch a wave too. Hehehe.

That evening, we brought Pa to Halo-Halo de Iloko. We ordered our usual favorite dishes and dessert. Unfortunately,  Pa didn’t like much the  viands  but  he  loved the special halo-halo. After dinner, Echo brought us to town to see the fiesta celebration. But there were just too many people and all the streets were congested. Amidst the pollution and traffic, we decided to call it a night and headed back to the resort.

 Our usual portrait out Halo-Halo de Iloko... 
I thought we’d go straight to bed. Instead, Peachie, Peter, Pa and I stayed outside and watched the cloudless sky and tried to name different constellations. We were so busy trying to figure out the small from the big dipper when all of a sudden, we saw a moving light. At first we thought it was a plane. But it was moving pretty fast and in an erratic direction. We were so mesmerized. We swore it’s one of those darn UFO’s. Hahaha!

 Coffee + Stargazing = UFO sighting
The next day, waves started to form. We didn’t lose any time and as  soon  as we finished breakfast, off to the sea we went!
Tired and aching all over, we prepared to go home. As we were having  late lunch, Pa’s friends arrived. I think I charmed them with my candid personality. Hehehe. So much so that we were able to convince Ninong Emy to be one of our Principal sponsors for the beach wedding. Yahoo!
With Ninong Emy and Tito Ed
On our way back to Manila, we stopped over at S.O.U.L (Spice of Urban Life) Cafe, a cozy cafe/resto that serves really good pastas and sandwhiches. Pa didn’t go with us anymore. He went with his friends and decided to come home the next day instead. We got home early dawn, very tired but very much ready to go surfing again the next chance we get!
 P.S. Coming up next: My Two-Part 29th Birthday Celebration at Isla Verde Batangas (Feb 17&18) with my family and at Baguio (Feb24-25) with my friends… I swear, I need to rest. I’m burning myself out with all these traveling. Hehehe.

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