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Baguio Panagbenga Festival: MY 29th Birthday Celeb Part II

My birthday last year was a blast! I invited all my girlfriends and even my ex (who’s also a very good friend of ours) to come celebrate my 28th birthday with Brownman Revival at Hard Rock Cafe. Afterwards, Peter even organized a surprise birthday hoopla  for me back at our presidential suite at the Mandarin, complete with confetti, cake, drinks and even balloons and birthday hats!!! There were even rose petals scattered in the bedroom leading to the bathtub for some kinky, steamy sexcapades afterwards, hehehe.

(left-right): Ces, Jem, Pat, Irene, Koryn, Me, Ninette, Vina, Peachie
Our Men: Wally, Peter, Vicente and Gil 
Me and my baby while watching Brownman play at Hard Rock Cafe 
Peter’s surprise hoopla back at Mandarin Hotel 

Anyway, it’s not that I wanted to beat that this year (that was Peter’s best birthday present for me ever! Nothing can beat that!) but I just want something different, fun and out of town. I already celebrated my birthday with my family the previous weekend at Isla Verde and I really had a blast. Unfortunately, I ended up catching a fever afterwards (due to fatigue from all the trips and late nights, hehehe)  and now, I just want to celebrate  it with my friends and favorite band (again!). So I checked up Brownman Revival’s schedule and the moment I saw that they’ll be in Baguio for the Panagbenga Festival, I didn’t have second thoughts. I immediately texted all my friends hoping that they’d come with me and Peter as I fully celebrate my 29th year here on earth. :-)  

Vina, Francis, Ninette, Anmarie, Vangie, Jem, Koryn and Mer confirmed. We will just be meeting up with Michelle and Joan in Baguio since they will be leaving a day earlier.  As soon as possible, I bought bus tickets for all of us. Departure was at 10:15 pm, Feb 23, Friday.  Unluckily, Vina and Francis didn’t make it on time and Jem just barely made it. Nevertheless, we were on the road by 10:20 pm and slept through the entire trip.

We reached Baguio at around 4:30 am. Ninette booked us  an apartment room to stay over until we check in at our hotel by 2pm. However, being the nomads that we are, Mer, Koryn, Jem, Peter and I started our tour that dawn while Ninette, Anmarie and Vangie decided to rest instead…

At around 5:30 am, Session Road wasn’t that crowded yet. We headed to Pizza Volante to grab some breakfast, and had our tummies filled with coffee, eggs and pancakes.

The Panagbenga festival parade was about to start. We couldn’t decide which direction to take in order to get the best viewing spot for the parade. So we stopped to think…
Then we just kept on walking until these sexy Igorot dancers overtook us.  We followed them and ended up yet again, near Session Road…
We love men in uniform!!!
Time to get out of the way and let the parade begin… 
Whew!!! What a celebration! We got so tired taking pictures of the parade that we decided to go to SM and rest a bit… 

After the parade, we checked out Mines View Park…

Can’t decide which bottle of fruit wine to take… strawberry? 
Ooohh…cute plants! 
Douglas and the gang, for 20 bucks only… 
Check out the view below… 
After walking all morning, following the parade and doing mini tours and shopping, we simply dropped dead after hailing an FX which will bring us to our lunch venue…

At last, we reached Cafe by the Ruins for some late lunch with Michelle, Joan, Riki and Dino… And my God, I can’t believe Vina and Francis were able to make it! Apparently, they bought another set of bus tickets  just to be with us. Awww… they’re really sweet.
 Their special Pandan iced tea…
Their  super yummy rice meals…
Enjoying our late lunch with the company of friends… 
Dino & Riki; Koryn and Michelle 
With the pretty ladies Joan and Mer 
 The sweet couple Vina and Francis
After lunch, we all went back to our respective rooms at the old and new Hotel Supreme for much needed siesta. By the time we woke up, it was already  7 in the evening! Time to pahtee!!!  
Of course, we had to have dinner first.  Jem brought us to this uber cool place along Session  Road called Cafe Azotea owned by Kidlat Tahimik. It kinda reminded me of  Ponce Suites, the hotel we stayed at during our Davao trip last November. It’s also owned by an artist named Kublai… The place has a real artsy feel to it, kinda like a native museum and I just felt right at home. I was even thinking maybe I can do the same kind of  interior design for our new house. Teehee. Anyway,  They serve vegetarian pastas and sandwhiches which were just ok. The food was defiitely not fantastic, just ok. I even had to bring back my food to the chef three times just to get the taste of my vegetrain pasta right. Oh well, they can’t have it all, can they?
 Sated and raring to pahtee, we then headed to Abanao Square where Brownman will be playing… Man, it’s so filled with college students and locals!
 Ooohhhh…yeah baby! Hahahaha! 
Dino’s look-alike, hehehe. :-)  
Just before the band went back to their hotel room where we plan to celebrate my birthday some more, we had these “fan”  shots first.
 And now…time for the  pahtee at BMR’s Prince Plaza Hotel Suite where we got high… on life!!!
 We woke up late the next day that we didn’t catch the parade of the Panagbenga floats. So we went to Burnham Park instead and took a look at each of the beautiful and well-crafted flower floats…
 On our way,we saw this cute little dog wearing its cute little shades. How funky!
We also dropped by the Abanao market and did some more shopping.
Finally, we reached Burnham Park… 
Tired but happy, I can say that welcoming my 29th year here on earth has been a blast! I wonder what I’d do next year?(If I’m still here)… Nuninuninu….I’ll just cross the bridge when I get there. And oh, thanks to all my fruiends who celebrated with me. It’s always a joy to have you with me in my life. Love you girls!!!

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