Thursday, April 12, 2007

Puerto Princesa, Palawan City Tour Day 1

After visiting the Crocodile Farm, we headed to the Butterfly Farm. It has almost the same look and feel to it as the one we visited in Subic and Davao. Well, I guess that's because butterflies have the same needs of course --- lots of room to fly around and lots of flowers to get nectar from. We only spent around 30 minutes or less inside. I guess, once you've seen one butterfly farm, you've seen 'em all. What's surprising was that hey had these mini cages with different insects inside, including a reptile. Creepy.

Caterpillar                                    Scorpion  

Goliath Beetle                                       Stick Insect 
So we headed next to this overlooking ranch owned by one of their politicians (Iforgot what the name was). It has a huge pavillion which is actually the veranda portion of the big house. Visitors weren't allowed inside the house so we stayed outside. Anyway, there were picnic tables around and it was pretty cool and breezy as opposed to the heat downtown. Moreover, the site of the whole city below was really relaxing to the eyes. It's like being on top of the world!  
On the way to the ranch, we passed by this bakery and I noticed there were so many people inside that we didn't try to stop and see what the commotion was all about. But after spending some time at the ranch, we got intrigued and decided to go back  to the bakery. By then, the people we saw earlier were already gone. They were the ones who occupied the picnic tables at the ranch. No wonder! So we tried to see what was inside. Apparently, the store is called Baker's Hill and they sell the most delicious and cheapest breads, cookies, crinkles, cakes, brownies, etc. in the Philippines (I think!). Like for instance, the box of crinkle called Hungrypac we can buy at Mall of Asia costs around P80-P130 (small-big box), right? At Baker's Hill, a box is only P26-37! We got so excited that we bought almost everything!!!
And guess what? What we'd normally spend thousands of pesos in Red Ribbon and Goldilocks, we only spent P500! Their products are really THAT AFFORDABLE!!! I hope they put up a branch here in Manila. :-) 
After almost buying the entire products of Baker's Hill, the driver brought us to the Plaza Cuartel. It's the prison center in the olden times but they only got to preserve the front portion. Inside, they turned it into a garden where teens can hang out and chill.
Across the cuartel is their spectacular Cathedral. It kinda reminded me of Baguio's.  Inside, weoffered our respective prayers (if we can call it that) and took some weird pictures care of our weird photographer Peter. Mwehehe. That was our last stop before going back to Casa Linda.
In the evening, my MDP classmate, Jose Maon, invited us over for dinner. And boy! Did we enjoy it!
They had everything we could ever imagine in an out-of-town dinner --- tuna sashimi, crabs, shrimps, squid, seaweeds, fruits, wine, the works! And their house --- wow! It's so big for the two of them. "Katas ng GSIS" as Dang (his wife) calls it. It's on a 300 sq.m. lot, two floors with open wide spaces, free flowing ventilation and lots of cool stuff like their own jacuzzi in their master's bedroom! I was really imppressed. I thought, maybe, if Peter and I didn't travel and party a lot, we would've been able to buy that kind of property too. Oh well! Maybe, next time! Hahaha! 

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