Monday, May 28, 2007

Bohol Tourist Spots - VisMin Tour 3rd Leg

The next series of travelogues that  I will be sharing with you consist of three weeks worth of vacation,  touring parts of Visayas and Mindanao two summers ago.  This was the time when both of us were able to scrimp the P40,000 we saved up for this adventure and learned the art of backpacking by experience. I’ve already posted the first and second legs of our trip (Cebu and Dumaguete). Now, let’s check out Bohol PART II. Come, join us on our journey and explore the beauty of our country. Maybe next time, we can do a backpack tour of Asia and Europe as well. *crossing our fingers now*


Early the next morning, the tricycle driver who drove us to Calypso was also the one who picked us from the resort and drove us to all the beautiful sites around Bohol. Yes, the drive was quite slow but we were in no hurry anyway and we only paid him P1000 for it. Furthermore, Bohol was so clean then and the air was so fresh. We might as well enjoy it, right? Anyway, these were the places we visited:

Blood Compact Site

Old Baclayon Church and Museum
They didn’t allow us to bring our cameras inside the musem. When we got in, it was no wonder. There really weren’t anything spectacular inside… just a bunch of old stuff like vintage priest clothes, linens and other garments, statues of saints, etc.  

 We passed by the Man-Made Forest while on our way to Chocolate Hills.
Chocolate Hills
It was where Peter had a minor accudent. Being the flat-footed guy that he is, he tripped over the concrete stairs on the way to the huge bell. Poor baby.
Tarsier Habitat
We saw a lot of Koreans who blindingly flashed their cameras to the tarsiers. Tsk, tsk, tsk.  There was a huge sign above saying that it’s prohibited! Koreans and their English reading skills! Bah! I couldn’t contain myself that I reprimanded some of them. Don’t they know that tarsiers are nocturnal? It’s bad enough that these tiny creatures are awake during the day because of the noisy tourists around. But to flash them with blinding camera lights (with their huge eyes at that!)? That’s equivalent to suicide! Speaking of suicide, the tour guide told us that one tarsier actually killed itself by twisting its own neck due to stress from all the tourists. Poor thing.

Loboc River and Busay Falls
We chose to ride a smaller ferry boat, just me and Peter, which brought us to the far end of the river, occasionally stopping at some of the falls (called busay meaning small) to take a shot or a dip. They’re small alright. But the force of the flowing river was quite powerful that my tube top got washed out and I was topless for a while. Gasp! It was fun though! The boat man also pointed at us this particular coconut tree that stretches out to the river. A lot of kids climbed this tree with the goal of jumping from its trunk to the river below. This was the same tree and same kids used in the Muro-Ami movie of Cesar Montano years ago.

Hinagdanan Cave
This was our last destination that morning before we went back to Calypso to check out and transfer to another resort. The cave was underground so we had to climb down the wet, spiral staircase before reaching the site. The first thing that I noticed was that the caves smelled of urine (eeewwww!!!). But being the adventure seekers that we are, we still took a dip at the cold, dark but clear waters. I only stayed at the side while Peter dove at the center. After a few minutes, we went back up, bought a couple of souvenirs and started heading back to the resort.

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