Sunday, June 10, 2007

Pundaquit Falls and Weekend Tales of a Wandering Soul

It started out as a story-telling of a funny cartoon I saw over the internet, which I told Peter one morning when he drove me off to work. This story is something which I can very much relate with coz it has a sensible message to it. So I shared it with Peter that fateful morning. It goes like this:

"There's this balut that was accidentally thrown with the rest of the penoys. As time passed by, he kept on wondering why he always feels different from his friends and peers to think that he looks exactly like everyone else.. He tried his best to fit in, to do what they do, play what they play, but there's always this uneasiness and restlessness inside of him that he can't place. He feels like he's destined to do other things. Things which are very much different from how his friends live their lives. Then one day, he began to crack... and he realized that all this time, he wasn't a chick after all. Duck pala siya. I feel the same way. Baby,balut yata ako..."

After a dramatic pause, waiting for Peter to say something profound, he burst into fits of laughter! He found my story soooo funny to think that I wasn't even making patawiwi (patawa). And he said: "Awwww baby, you're my patoling (duckling)." And I joined him in his laughter. Anyway, I'm sure you get the point of the balut-penoy story. And since then, Peter calls me his patoling, if only to make me laugh. And what do you know... while I was fixing my pictures for my next supposed blog post, I found a video of myself looking and acting like a duckling. This was taken during the Zambapalooza with Brownman Revival (BMR) last August 2006, when I jumped off the Pundaquit falls, followed by most of the other band members. It's been an hour since Jao (BMR's bass guitarist) swore he'd jump off the damned thing. I got impatient that I went up to the cliff myself to show him how easy it was. But I got scared when I reached the top coz the cliff had very rocky edges. But it was then or never. And when I finally jumped, the whole band, locals included, couldn't contain their excited glee! See and hear for yourself... 

"Talon Jen! Talon!"
Moving on...  I can say that I had one heck of a love-&-booze-drunken weekend which I haven't had in a loooong while (the booze-drunken part, I mean). Friday, June 8, 2007, I stayed home the entire day (recuperating from all those stressful and sleepless nights) sleeping, reading, watching dvd and exercising. Come evening, I prepared for my anniversary date with Peter. We didn't plan anything special. We were both busy the last couple of weeks and Peter has been stressed about so many things regarding his work, our house transfer, problems with bayantel, etc. And knowing him, I couldn't pressure him any more. I just wanted to be with him. He is the reason why I am happily married anyway. So all the "palamuti" around the so-called anniversary wouldn't really matter. Peter is reason enough to celebrate this very special day. 

Blogging while waiting for Peter to come home...

True enough, we pleasured each other (in more ways than one *wink*) by just simply being together. We were both so fickle-minded that night that we kept on changing our minds as regards to where we'll go and what we'd like to do. And we were having fun with it! For a change, nothing was planned. Hahaha!  He got home quite late (around 8pm) and so we headed out of the house around 9pm. Finally, we just saw ourselves heading to Trinoma and ended up ordering take out at Mexicali (which Peter looooves by the way) and watching Meet the Robinson's.  We even bumped into Jao (BMR's bass guitarist). We'll be seeing him later that night coz we'll be heading to Xaymaca to watch BMR after our movie date. We couldn't believe how happy we both were with such a simple celebration. Jologs pala talaga kami, after all! Hahaha!
 Having fun while waiting for our burritos...

Meet the Robinson's is a story about an orphan named Louis who desperately wanted to belong... to have a family to call his own. He's such a smart kid but his wits seem to be working against him. Alas, during the school's science fair, his fate started to take a twist of its own which eventually led him to find himself, his calling, and his own family to boot.
It made me cry a bit... the sense of it all made me think about the story of the balut and the fact that in spite of all our failures and the challenges we face everyday, we just have to keep on moving forward. Anybody who feels lost in one way or another in his/her life could very well relate to the movie. Even kids will learn a lot of lifelong lessons watching this Disney cartoon production. And, since it's produced by Disney, the animation and computer graphics were  perfect! Peter & I  liked this flick a lot. Not a bad choice for an anniversary movie date!

 Camwhoring still...tagal ng food eh!

As soon as the movie finished, we headed to Xaymaca. We were already late as it is. My girlfriends Jem, Michelle and Joan were there already. Actually, halfway through the movie, Michelle texted me saying that Dino (BMR's vocalist) already greeted me and Peter a happy anniversary. Harhar! And here we were, running late.  But it was sweet of them, really. Tnx BMR

 Feel the irie...
So we were there at Xaymaca, in our element --- happy, tipsy and us 3 girls (Michelle, Jem & I) swaying to BMR's reggae music. The night's running along perfectly when all of a sudden, as Dino was playing his last song for the night, a girl stood up, came to me and said "Miss, my friend over there wants to dance with you." Being the nice-seize-the-day(night)-go-for-it-Aquarian-girl that I am, I said sure, no prob. So this bald 23-year-old-looking guy stood up from up front and came to where I was standing and danced with me. So I danced with him. (Peter was at  the back the whole time talking with Joan). No harm in that, right? Maybe... except for the fact that his hands started going places they shouldn't be (waist lang naman, kayo talaga...). Oh well, I was tipsy! And it was fun! Hahaha!

Fan Mode now...
Wit Riki and Michelle.... With Jason (BMR's trombone player)
Eventually, amidst the blaring noise of the band, he gathered the courage to ask my name. Since nothing like this has happened to me in a looong time, I wasn't prepared with a spiel so I said my real name --- Jen. His name was Mike and it was his first time in Xaymaca. I'm pretty sure he told me some more details about himself but I don't remember them anymore. And that was just about it. Coz the moment Dino stopped singing, I said goodbye (with a smile on my face so it wouldn't look so obvious that I was getting rid of him already) and told him I'll be hanging  out at the back. And I never saw him again. I felt victorious! Hahaha! "May asim pa lola mo!" was what Dino and Dennis (BMR's drummer) said when I told them about it! And Peter just laughed his head off with the thought. He was so proud of me that night. Well, I was proud of him too! There was this girl who started flirting with him out front when he was brushing shoulders with the band and Jamir of Slapshock. Jamir Garcia is the husband of our college friend Leslie Manalac and Peter introduced himself. I think Jamir got a bit startled when Peter mentioned Leslie (who's in the US right now) coz as usual, Jamir was with some girl that night, tsk, tsk. Poor Leslie... (unless their marriage is weirder than ours). Anyway, back to the girl flirting with Peter... Peter, being the ultra nice hubby that he is, just snobbed the girl! To think that that was his chance to practice his flirtatious voodoo moves! Tsk, tsk, tsk. Hahahaha! We're really crazy! 
And of course, my ultimate idol (& friend), Dino Concepcion... See the bald guy on the right picture? That's Mike...
To help us sober up a bit, we headed to Sizzling Grill with Jem, Michelle and Riki (BMR's sound engineer). Edwin of The Jerks dropped by for a while. He's Riki's bestfriend and we're teasing them about their "very close" friendship. Harhar!   Anyway, we were so hungry from all the dancing we did that we stuffed ourselves with Pinoy food before finally heading home at around 5am. I woke up around early afternoon of Saturday, and not with the slightest hang over. Cheers to cosmopolitan, the best lady's drink ever!
Uber drunk & hungry...need to chow...


Saturday afternoon, Peter and I had late lunch at Que-Bab's near our place in Congressional Avenue. They sell Italian dishes aside from their usual Mediterranean food. They're affordable as well. The ox brain is one of my favorites in that food place! Yumyum! I brought along my book with me because I know it takes a little while for them to cook our food. But their dishes are so worth the long wait. 
A simple late lunch date with my baby... & my book.
Our first meal for the day... more like a feast to me! 
Afterwards, we headed to SM North Edsa where we looked for balikbayan boxes. We plan to start packing soon. We finally found them at National Bookstore (which was so jampacked by the way since school just opened) and bought 10 pieces at P78.50 each.

Then we headed to St. Luke's for my braces' adjustment (which went so fast I was surprised coz normally I'd wait 2-3 hours just to get my braces adjusted, hence my book). Anyway, on our way there, Jem called and said that she'll be visiting me later that night to teach me some Yoga and to help me find my center and purpose in life. Sounds profound. And I couldn't wait to hear and see what she's got to teach me! She  reached our place past 8 pm. We all had dinner first at Docboy's a garage turned restaurant along Congressional Avenue. The place is very cozy, with lots of tables and chairs and electric fans. They also had nice plants around and landscaping that added to the coziness of the place. And the food was to die for! We ordered Paksiw na Bangus Belly, Pork Barbeque, Squid, Mangga & Bagoong, and Mango Shake. Oh what a feeling! And their waiters were very attentive too! We'll surely go back to that place.

Jem was showing me pictures of her gurus while waiting for our food...

That evening back at home, that's what we did. She taught me the 5 Tibetan steps followed by the meditation proper  which will eventually help me discern God's voice and ultimately become in touch or one with HIM. It's very simple. But since I'm a beginner, I had a hard time concentrating on my third eye that I kind of fell asleep for 2-3 seconds. Hehehe. Jem said that it just takes practice. So practice it is.

Don't forget to breathe properly... 

The whole process felt so relaxing. We finished at around 11:30 pm and  I just wanted to sleep right after. But Jem insisted on going to Xaymaca to watch Indio I. To my mazement, I was able to come up with an attire in just one look at my closet. Usually it takes me hours  just to assemble a complete outfit. Maybe that's one manifestation that Yoga is working, harhar!
 All dressed up for the night!
It was almost 1 am when we arrived at Xaymaca. Coffee Break Island just finished their set and it was Indio I's turn. Alright! We made it! Indio I is one of our country's foremost reggae bands. Dino used to play with them as their guitarist. But he quit and is now with BMR instead. Peter loves this band even before he fell for BMR. He's just looking so content the whole night, sipping his beer, watching us girls strut our stuff, and listening to the band play.
  Enjoying Indio I's music...

Oh, Peter told me that there was this other bald guy (again!) who was making his moves to get close to me. You see, I usually form my own bubble when I'm dancing, like I'm the only one in it so I don't really care much about  the people around me. Jem was in the bathroom at that time and Peter was near the DJ's booth. We usually don't do PDA nor stay so close together when we go gimmicking. But I do want him around just in case something bad happens to me. Anyway, back to my story about this guy. He was literally at my back that I thought he was Peter! I almost hugged & kissed him the way I'd usually do when I start missing Peter. Hahaha! Good thing I wasn't very tipsy (yet) that I immediately recognized he wasn't my baby. That's when Peter left his spot and stayed close to us girls. 
  The Australian guy on the left is Daniel, Jem's future husband.
We called it a night at around 3am (how ironic!). Man, I could get used to this kind of life, hehehe! The next day, Sunday, was spent sleeping til afternoon and blogging about the weekend. :-) Hope you enjoyed your weekend too!

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