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Bohol Tour - Balicasag Island

The next series of travelogues that I will be sharing with you consist of three weeks worth of vacation, touring parts of Visayas and Mindanao two summers ago. This was the time when both of us were able to scrimp the P40,000 we saved up for this adventure and learned the art of backpacking by experience. I've already posted the first and second legs of our trip (Cebu and Dumaguete). Now, let's check out Bohol PART IV. Come, join us on our journey and explore the beauty of our country. Maybe next time, we can do a backpack tour of Asia and Europe as well. *crossing our fingers now*

On the last day of our Bohol adventure tour, Peter and I woke up as early as 6am in order to catch the 7am boat which we rented for island hopping that morning. The half day P900 boat ride brought us to two islands: Balicasag and Virgin. Crossing the semi-wavy waters of Panglao on that cloudy morning was quite refreshing. I was a bit worried though that if the sun won't shine soon, Peter & I might not be able to enjoy this island hopping trip. Thank God, the sun did show its face upon our arrival on the first island, Balicasag, and boy, what spectacular sights we saw!

Being oval in shape, locals said that it would take an hour to tour the whole island on foot. Challenged by this, Peter and I had this crazy idea of walking its perimeter thinking that it would be a piece of cake. Boy, were we mistaken! We did try it out. We even took shortcuts across the island. Still, they were right! Whew!
Circling the entire island was quite a feat for us. But we took it upon ourselves to finish this self-declared challenge and have some fun along the way. With our ever reliable Nikon Digital Camera on hand at that time, we didn't miss a single opportunity to take photos... Like this poor blowfish we saw struggling against the waves...
... and this huge billboard of Balicasag island...
Along the way, we noticed that shorelines change...Instead of having powdery white sands, they have huge, dried coral formations that have been sedimented through time. The water was pristine but one can't fully enjoy the rituals of sunbathing unless you wanna lie down on a hard rocky shore, would you? Nah! I didn't think so.
We also passed by an interesting row of trees which bear pineapple-looking fruits. It's the same trees we saw at Tikling Island in Sorsogon when we went there last November 2005. The fruit kind of reminds me about Christmas...hehehe.

Halfway around the island, we got a bit tired. We chanced upon this resort which was quite empty at that time. They have a restaurant and that's where we had our brunch.
Next stop is Virgin Island. I had no idea what it would look like. Perhaps, it'll be like all the other islands we saw before. But when we got there, wow! It looked like paradise! See for yourself!
There were local fishermen around who were so proud to show us their catch for the day...
We also chanced upon little hermit crabs that looked so cute!
Then we went on exploring the other end of the island...
There was this part where the waters were so shallow. Peter walked a mile and still, the waters were just up to his knees. When he came back he told me that he couldn't walk no more.. not because he was tired, but because the seabed was already covered by a blanket of starfish!
...Then it was time for us to go, sunkissed and all...

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