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Malimono Beach Surigao del Norte (Vis-Min Tour)

The next series of travelogues that  I will be sharing with you consist of three weeks worth of vacation,  touring parts of Visayas and Mindanao two summers ago.  This was the time when both of us were able to scrimp the P40,000 we saved up for this adventure and learned the art of backpacking by experience. I’ve already posted the first, second, and third legs of our trip (Cebu ,Dumaguete, and Bohol). Now, let’s check out Surigao Part II. Come, join us on our journey and explore the beauty of our country. Maybe next time, we can do a backpack tour of Asia and Europe as well. *crossing our fingers now*


Enjoying Malimono Beach with My Family…
The next day, our relatives brought us to Malimono Beach which was way farther than Mabua. We passed by cliffs that gave us such  a beautiful view of the sea below. It was just quite scary coz the roads weren’t paved just yet. Finally, we arrived and the first thing I noticed was the beach (of course!). This time, there were many pebbles much smaller than those in Anilao. The second thing I noticed was the quality of the water. It looked quite fuzzy. When I snorkeled, I realized why. Just like in Coron’s Twin Lagoon, the water there was a mixture of hot and cold. So I couldn’t get a good view of the fishes underwater due to this varying temperatures. I think it was the sea that was warm while the water coming from an estuary was the one that was cold. And when they mix, they gave us this fuzzy eerie look. Oh well, we just enjoyed our little picnic there until it was time to go.
Picnic Time!
Our very own beach in Sabang…
We visited other places afterwards like Sabang Beach which we own too. I would’ve loved to have a house there but the thing about this beach is that the waters were so shallow. Even when we were meters away from the shore, the water was still ankle-high. Duh! But the place was refreshing and simple. Too bad I can’t  picture myself living there. From afar, we also saw this famous politician’s huge mansion. Now we know where those taxes are going. I mean, my gosh! Surigao is supposed to be a city but there was not even a cinema or a mall?! Talk about backward living! Thanks to the political leaders of this province. I’m dismayed.
Another piece of land in Cagniog from my Mom’s side…

Then we passed by some rice fields in Cagniog owned by my Mom’s Mom, my real grandmother (My Lolo and Lola had long been separated, thus, the separate properties. The 26 hectares I was telling you about earlier belonged to my Lolo and not my Lola. Confusing isn’t it?)
From the plains…
To the hills…
 And the seas…
I was introduced to our other relatives. But by then, I was experiencing my first hormonal breakdown that I threw a tantrum in front of my dad. It was getting dark and I was really tired and disappointed for having missed our Siargao Ferry that I took it out on my parents. I was tired of meeting all these relatives of ours who was patronizing me. I just wanted to go home. My dad was shocked to the bone of how I was behaving. But being my dad’s little girl, he gave in to my tantrum and we all went back to the rest house (told yah I’m a bitch) with all the insects and what-not.
Lola Acion’s First Rest House
On our last day, wanting to avoid staying any longer inside the warm rest house, Peter and I went off to the “city”. I just wanted to stay in a place with air-conditioning. I could only eat so many fries and burgers in Jollibee so I chose to go inside a parlor instead. Wanting to stay for a long while, I suddenly thought of having my hair done and turning it blonde! Shocking! Hahaha! Well, this is what happens when one gets desperate. 
I Have nothing else to do so I went blonde!
 Left: With my Lola Acion; Right: With my Dad
Of course my Lola Pacit (my Lolo’s elder sister) was amused. They say that I look exactly like her when she was younger (minus the blonde hair of course). What do you think?
 I think I really look like my Lola Pacit.
Unlike my folks who were enjoying every minute of our stay, I couldn’t wait to leave Surigao and head to our next destination. So on our last night, I thanked God for helping me survive this particular stay. The next day will be better.

My Mom and Dad Enjoying the simple provincial life…

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