Sunday, September 30, 2007

Punta Fuego in Nasugbu - MDP Day 1

To cap off the grueling management training we had for 6 months, all 39 of us were treated to a 3days/2nights stay at Club Punta Fuego with a side trip at Terrazas Punta Fuego. Our journey started two Saturdays ago, Sept. 22, 2007. Our class gathered in the office as early as 6:30 am. And in an hour, the gang was already on its way to Nasugbu, Batangas. Everyone was excited as we anticipated what was in store for us. We heard that this trip had a P400k ++ budget and of course, we couldn't be any happier. Since many of us just finished submitting our business cases the day before, the long drive down south was a perfect escape from all the sleepless nights we've had during the last few days of the training program. 
 "Sakay na!"
In two hours or so, we thought we've already arrived at our destination when we were awaken by the stopping of the bus. Lo and behold, we stopped over at Taal Vista, which is also an affiliate of Punta Fuego. I've been there before but thiswas the first time I saw this place covered with fog. It was soooo cold! You'd think we were in Baguio! Of course, we all went down to take a look around and enjoy the place in the company of newfound friends. 

Just before lunch, we arrived at the function hall of Club Punta Fuego where we took our lunch. The view of the rocky shore down below and the outline of mountains from afar were breathtaking! Although it wasn't quite the picture I had in mind,  it was spectacular nonetheless.

We then had our bags taken by the concierge to our respective rooms (which we didn't see until later that evening, after dinner) and then lunch was served...

Dishes were standard hotel food. They're not that spectacular... just the usual salad, soup, fish, pork, rice and dessert.  But since we were all hungry, pwede ne rin. Teehee.
The rest of the afternoon was spent in this one unique activity where we all had to pretend that a dinosaur was after us (for motivation purposes) and the only way for each of us to escape death was to cross this hole without touching its edges, one by one, lest we become fried dinner for the huge reptile due to electrocution. It seemed quite impossible at first, but with Dojie's leadership, Jason's assistance, Reji's, Cecil's, Lai's and Alma's flexibility,  the brilliant minds of Belen, Maricel & Ireen and the strength of Chubby, Michelle, Lloyd, Cas, Jason, Edwin, Dexter, Gene, Deity and the rest of the boys, and without the cooperation of everyone, we wouldn't have passed this complicated physical and mental test (after 4 hours or so). Whew!!! So imagine how ecstatic we were when the last person got in the hole successfully! To think that we could've stayed there forever until we figure out the whole thing. 

Finally, we can eat! Hehehe.  It was just after dinner when we went and saw our respective rooms for the first time. It was not just an ordinary hotel room. It was a Casita. There were two beds (one of which was shared by my roommates Maricel and Val while I had the other one all to myself and my stuff, hehehe), a glass door with a view of the cliffs and ocean, a big bathroom with an outdoor zen garden (creepy), a TV with Dream Cable, mini bar and ref. It was perfect!
I freshened up a bit and joined some of the gang for a night cap of brandy and beer, dancing and some personal bonding... It was one of the happiest moments of my MDP life. Thanks guys! *sniff!*

 To be continued...

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