Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Punta Fuego in Nasugbu - MDP Day 2

We had our MDP (Management Development program) graduation day last October 11, 2007  and I don't even have a picture to show for it. For one, I didn't think that Peter would be able to make it as my guest and I felt so sad that I didn't bring my Olympus digicam only to realize afterwards that he did come and was able to watch the whole ceremony! And most importantly, I guess, even if I finished Top 9 in class (I graduated with distinction), it's really not a big deal to me  then...until I got to experience its ramifications afterwards...(like having no life at all the moment we got back to our respective work assignments three weeks ago!) Even now that I am writing this, I am doing so with a mind and body sooo tired and drained from all the "exploitation" being done to us...but that's another blog post I guess. For now, let me continue my journal during the happiest days I had with MDP...


The following day, I woke up early and did a little jogging with Ireen. The weather was still cold but at least it was not raining anymore. This exercise activity also helped us explore a bit of Punta Fuego. The Casitas were nicely built near the cliff, thus the sea view outside our room and on the way down to the infinity pool. It was simply breathtaking! Even if it was cloudy and the sea lacked its azure hue, the landscape on this part of the resort was still beautiful. I could stay here forever, mind you, if only they had more white sandy beach to offer.

After half an hour, we headed to the well-lit and decorated dining hall for breakfast. Many of my classmates and supervisors were already there enjoying the variety of meals being served. I stayed with the boys and listened to their banter. They were quite entertaining. Hehehe.

I tried a bit of every food they got before I headed back to the room to change into my swimming attire so I could also enjoy the infinity pool myself, which some of my classmates already did earlier that morning.  Aaaaahhhh... c'est la vie!

The rest of the afternoon was spent touring the houses built by Punta Fuego members. And my god they were huge! They're the type of abodes that would really make you feel so poor. I mean, when I first saw them, I thought, who knew that there are lots of rich people in our country?! Imagine huge mansions, lined up in different colors and architectural styles (Spanish, Italian, European, Victorian, etc.) , one block after another?! And these are just merely vacation houses of these rich folks which they seldom visit!!!! How lucky for their maids! ***Inday must be happily living in one of these splendid structures!***


For the first time since I can't remember when, I felt so wanting and insecure. But after passing by several of these luxurious homes, I think I got tired of feeling envious of them and figured "What the hell, I don't even like living in big houses! It's so hard to maintain them and I'd just feel so lonely and depressed. Cozy little nooks are still the best!" Or so I rationalized. Hehehe...  Anyway, I just enjoyed the rest of the scenery and forgot about my short depressing episode.


Whe we got back to our Casitas, I got invited to a game of poker, with Jason as our teacher. There's only one thing I can say about it --- VERY ADDICTIVE! Which reminds me, I want to buy my own set and learn more. Maybe next time, I can play with the TMB boys.


After an hour or so, it was time to take a bath before going to dinner. I was wearing this white blouse with half my boob cheeks showing that Joan got so concerned they might just pop out! Hahaha! How sweet of her. I told her not to worry coz that never happens except this one time I was with Vina and Peter at Club Paraw in Bora, dancing and drinking the night away without realizing that my bikini top was off-center and there went my left boob hanging for everyone to see. Good thing I was too drunk to notice but pictures captured everything. Hahaha! Anyway, again, that's another blog post to write about. Hehehe. 


After dinner, we all went to the Marina Restaurant where were drank and sang the night away.  Woohoo!!! Actually, I got bored the first half of the night that I went out with Lai, Lloyd and Ecs to explore the vicinity instead. We got to ride the yacht nearby and enjoyed every minute of it, just laughing and talking.


By the time we got back to the restaurant, everybody was in a chirpier mood and so I participated in the lineup of singers. Even our consultant and facilitator Dr. Karen de la Cruz sang two songs! What a miracle! Hehehe. Towards the end, many of us were already crying for sentimental reasons. Dr. Karen came up to me, hugged me and told me something which really made me think hard about my life. I'll just share it to you when the right time has come. For now, I am still thinking about what she said and I am planning to do everything I can to make that a reality.  Soon...

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