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20th Neil Pryde Funboard Cup Day 2 (Jan. 7, 2008) Part I

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Oh Happy Morning

I woke up this day, elated and just full of gratitude in my heart. For one, it's a brand new day in the land of paradise and two, the sun was actually shining and it wasn't raining anymore. The Law of Attraction was indeed working (and continues to do so until now, thanks to The Secret)! When I claimed that it would be sunny and windy in Bora even if it was raining the previous day, I believed and received this blessing in my head and in my heart. True enough, on the Funboard Cup's 2nd day, it really happened! Woohoo!!!

Marshaling for this kind of event was a very easy job. A 9:00a.m. rendezvous was set at Laguna De Boracay Resort to welcome the day's hectic schedule of races as well as to review yesterday's registration activities. Because we were always coming from Sun Village Resort, we learned how to climb down a hilly slope and hail a tricycle just across D' Talipapa.

On this beautiful sunny day, I met Eddie Boy, a Disc Jockey who's on board every Tuesday at NU 107 for the Crossover program at 9:00 p.m. He's a pretty cool guy who's always hyper and smiling. With just one look, I liked him already. I also got to better know a co-marshal who has been doing this for several years now --- Virge, another happy - go - lucky - living - the - life kind of guy who has his own auto detailing shop (Meguiar's Auto Shop) at Kamias in Quezon City. At his age (around mid-forties, I think), he has already done all sorts of water activities --- surfing, scuba diving, wind surfing, etc.) and traveled all over, searching for waves to conquer. That's why, on the side, he teaches wind surfing at Caliraya, Batangas. You may contact him at 09209622245 if you are looking to have private wind surfing lessons. A complete course would cost around P10,000 for 10-12 hours divided into 4-6 Saturdays. I might take a lesson in the future just to see if I can hack it.

Anyway, back to the event, when everything was in order, Jana and I headed to the Hangin Kite Station for a Skippers' Meeting. This was when kite and wind surfers met for any last minute changes in rules, update in particupants, score disputes and what-nots. After which, everybody went to their designated posts and waited for the race to start.

Each race was composed of four (4) heats where in each heat, surfers were grouped thru a round robin-like procedure. For example, Race 1, Heat 1 was composed of veteran and pro surfers while heat 2 was composed of amateur surfers. Then in heats 3 & 4, the group became a mixture of pro and amateur surfers. This gave the amateur surfers a chance to be challenged by the veterans while the pro surfers in turn got a chance to show off their skills without fear and nerves that usually go with tough international competitions.

Not Much To Do

Each heat lasted between 10-15 minutes after which the scores were posted at the Hangin Kite Center Bulletin Board, opened them for disputes and debates, if there were any. I was assigned in the wind surfing division while other marshals went for the kite surfing division. Jana and I were lucky with the tasks given to us. I was to monitor the time and ranking of the wind surfers while she writes down the details (time it began, finished and who came in 1st, 2nd, 3rd...etc.) on a score card. We also ran other errands for the organizers but most of the time, we were just in our stations, basking under the sun, looking out for the wind surfers. Life's a beach!

Because of the awesome weather that day, we had lunch on time and the competition finished early. We still had time to frolick in our resort's swimming pool before getting ready for that night's dinner party over at Acanthus Beach Resort located along Angol Beach (which I later found out is still far beyond Station 3).

A Bit of Frolick

To be continued...

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