Monday, January 28, 2008

Cebu - Nail Art and Nightlife

For the first time in my life, I went to an exciting place, one of the places in the Philippines I love even, and just practically stayed at home with my sister (except when I lived in Cagayan de Oro during my high school years. And even then, we’d always be at the beach or at the farm every weekend). I am referring to my Cebu trip last Jan. 21-25.

 After all the gorgeous summer wear and party outfits I packed just in case we get to see the beach and visit my cousin-in-law’s THE LOFT, a famous bar in the Lahug area, all I did was stay in my sister’s room, tinkering with th nail art machine and hung out at my sister’s food place, SPACE, just across her house. The design is courtesy of my brother Mac who is now a graphic artist.


Not to say that I regretted it because I did enjoy my time there somehow. I met and got to know Abba’s friends (Sharon and Edric of Bacolod, Gard of Negros, and Mike of Manila) and learned a few tricks along the way. The latter is an interesting character. He’s a graduate of La Salle Taft who used to live in Manila but decided to bring his kiddie party business to Cebu. Prior to that, he managed an island resort for two years and did other small businesses on the side. No, we didn’t spend the night debating over stuff just because I’m an Atenean and he’s from the enemy school (that’s so immature!). We actually clicked, being both entrepreneurial. He even gave us some tips on how we can widen our field and expand our business, which was so generous of him.

I also got to try this famous restaurant which used to be just a house before. But because they offer huge servings of delectable dishes, people would often go there and try out their menu. Until news spread like wild fire and the rest, like they say, is history. It’s now a huge restaurant with a cozy homey ambience that people really seek out even if it’s out the way for most city people. It’s named Cafe Verde, just like U.P.’s Chateau Verde in Diliman, but a lot bigger and better. We passed by their city circle on the way there and I noticed that they still have their Christmas tree on. How sweet. 



The rest of the time before I left was spent bar hopping at this spacious garage-like place. We literally hopped from bar to bar until we found the one to our liking. It’s just behind East West Café & Tea Shop in Cebu Business Park (415-8338). Whoever thought of this was a genius! Of course you’d earn more if you have a  series of lots (a size that can fit two cars) be rented out as bars as compared to just having cars park there all day at a fixed price! 

Anyway, it was awesome being able to bond like that with my sister and her gf. It was actually at this time that the song Pink Life was blaring in the background and she told me her story about this music. Since then, I was even more enlightened. I can’t wait to go back to Cebu. I plan to spend a couple of days there this summer before I go to my summer workshop in Bacolod. And at another time, I may even make it my drop-off point when I go visit the surrounding islands like Siquijor, Apo island in Dumaguete, Camotes island, etc. 

***For a complete list, here's an awesome guide on Cebu: Where to Go and What to Do 

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