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20th Neil Pryde Funboard Cup Day 3 (Jan. 8, 2008) Part II

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Neil Pryde Funboard Cup 2008


One of the things I liked about being a part of this major kite surfing and windsurfing event is that every night, they always have something different, fun and exciting to offer us. This particular evening, which is already our third night in the Boracay Funboard Cup, Freddie Palacios sponsored a barbeque event held by the pool side of Laguna de Boaracay. Apparently, he always does this every year. On a particular day he chooses, he wakes up early, goes to the market, buys all his ingredients and prepares his dishes. Come late afternoon, at around 5:30 pm, he grills them on his pre-heated charcoal just like the gool 'ol days. Add his home-made salsa into the picture, sandwhiched between a folded pita bread and you get a traditional Mexican cuisine!

(L-R: Tony, me, Jana, Virge, Ernie)

Jana and I were lucky enough to be honored in this evening affair since we noticed that not everyone in the Cup was invited. Aside from the organizing committee, we only saw a couple of Filipino and Foreign wind and kite surfers. This was when we first officially met some of the professional delegates from the West:

Fabrice Beaux - pro wind surfer, representative of France and USA

Robby Swift - pro wind surfer from Australia

Taca - pro kite surfer from Japan (He has very long Japanese name which I wasn't able to take note of)

Andreas Pastor - used to do pofessional windsurfing and is now the official photographer of the three above

Jana and Fabrice getting closer... Andreas and I still getting to know each other...

Jana and I took a pose with the bigwigs... Robby swift in my arms, Pete behind Jana and Fabrice with a drink...

The barbeque went smoothly as expected. We all did our part to help out Freddie. I for one, took out the chicken, prepared the utensils and plates and drank the night away as we waited for Freddie's barbequed pork and chicken.

With Jay (left) and Captain Eddie Boy (right)...

The rest of the gang was just chatting and enjoying the evening...

I also got to know some of the guests. We chatted over rhum coke and beer, Eddie Boy brought his ipod and we all listened to his music selection (Yup, he's Captain Ed, playing at NU107.5 FM every Tuesday, 9:00-10:30 P.M.), danced with the men and laughed to our heart's content. For some reason, even if these people were basically strangers to me, I felt at home in their company. Oh, and for the first time, Andreas talked to me. He's this handsome hottie who I always see brooding in a corner. He doesn't talk to anyone, not even smile. But that night, he sat beside me and just started conversing. We went from one topic to another, even covering marriage and religion. I never thought a guy as good looking as him can be so deep. *crushing him at that moment* Then when Taca joined in the conversation, things just got wild and funny. He's still so very young (19, I think) but I had a feeling that he was crushing me that evening.

Me and my gorgeous men (L-R): Andreas, Taca and Fabrice having drinks at Beachcomber...

We stayed at the barbeque until around 10 pm before Andreas, Fabrice, Taca, Jana and I transfered to Beachcomber over at the main beach where my fellow marshal, Remus Romero, was DJing. I also met up with an old friend/BMR groupie, Jammy. While waiting, the men were all ganging up on me to get me drunk. Silly me, I told them earlier that night that I never get sloshed, EVER. (If they only knew...) So I was acting all prim and proper which makes them even more challenged to get me drunk, thus, buying me and Jana more drinks. Of course I will never let them know. However, my carefree spirit was getting the best of me and Jana was already giving me the look. So, I sobered up a little (at least pretended to be sober), lest I make the boys get the wrong idea. Hehehe. Plus, Taca was all over me, saying stuff in his Japanese accent "Would you like to be my girlfriend?". To which I repeatedly replied "NO!". I think he pretty much got the message coz after the nth try, he became quiet which was unusual of him. I pitied him a bit and chatted him up to let him know we're still friends.

Left: Jana, Robby and Pete; R: Fabrice and Jammy getting high with the music

Drunk and Happy lot...

Then we all headed to Cocomangas for some wild dance pahtee!!! Well, aside from Cocomangas being known to be one of the best "pick-up points" in Boracay, especially if you're a foreign guy looking to have some sensual night with a pretty local (which I only knew that night while in the middle of getting more drunk and wild), it's also the best place to get sloshed! Anyway, as the boys were dancing, Jammy and I got to catch up on each other's lives. She's been living in Boracay for a year now and she got the job she wanted. Basically, she's living THE LIFE! Wow! However, after another year, she might go back to Manila and pursue her career here. According to her, after a while, Boracay can get dull and boring. Plus, it''s really different when you're just a tourist as compared to when you're already one of the so-called new locals there. Politics is very thick and you have to be careful with your words and actions because everyone knows everybody else's business. This made me re-evaluate my dream of living in Bora. Perhaps, instead of doing what she did, I'll just try to live there for a month, tops. After all, Bora is one of my most fave vacay spots in the country and I don't wanna be jaded with all its red tape, politics and pettiness. Hmmm... We'll see. I'll cross the bridge when I get there. On a lighter note, let me tell you about this sort of malicious conversation I had with Andreas...

Pretty and Gorgeous...

So all of us were doing our moves on the dance floor then, when all of a sudden, Andreas came closer to me and while pointing at Taca (who was all over a sexy local girl) said: "I think Taca is getting lucky. He's my room mate so this means I won't have a place to crash tonight. Would you mind if I stay in your room for the night?" To which I nonchalantly replied: "We actually have an etxra bed you can sleep in. But you have to ask Jana. She's my room mate." Then smiling he said: "Oh, she'll agree." I didn't think much of it until a few minutes later when I just suddenly got a bad feeling about it. I then told Jana and as expected, she wouldn't approve of it. So I came up to Andreas and said: "Hey Andreas, you just sleep over tonight, ok? No hanky panky!" To which he replied with a cute boyish grin on his face "Oh, things can change..."

Chilling at Bom Bom with Jammy and Jana...

Oh my God! I got so scared and I didn't even want to think about what that could really mean soI just asked Jana and Jammy to get out of there pronto! As our luck would have it, it started raining pretty hard so we had no choice but to stay. We sat for a while near the exit hoping that the rain would stop soon. Then Andreas and Fabrice started looking for us. It was then that I told them I didn't wanna stay any longer coz we just found out that the other girls dancing there were "paid ladies" and we didn't want to be associated with such crowd. I think they understood what we meant and promised to just meet up with us somewhere afterwards. But I was pretty much shaken with our earlier convesation that as soon as the deluge let up a bit, I dragged Jammy and Jana for coffee somewhere. We ended up at BomBom. Jammy knew the people there so we were "safe". I brushed off whatever negative stuff I was feeling and just concentrated on my time with Jammy. We also got to talk to the owner and staff of Bombom, who I think was doped that night, coz they were no good to talk to. I was just asking about their protocol if I was to bring my mobile digital nail art business there. And all they could answer was "Mahaba ba pisi mo?" They asked me this question over and over and I got pretty pissed at them (which I didn't show, of course). This was when I realized that Jammy was right when she said that politics is heavy in Boracay. Apparently, if you don't know the mayor and you don't have a lot of money to burn, it will be hard for a regular person to set up a business there. I understood this of course. But my question was so simple. I have no plans of setting up a business there for good. I only wanted to know what should I do if I want to set up a booth for a few days in case there's an event I want to join? But I guess, with dope and politics so heavy in their system, it's really hard for someone like them to answer a question as simple as mine. Sigh.

Posing with the Bombom staff (or owner?... we're not really sure since they're so doped that night...)

Anyway, politics or no politics, I was still bent on enjoying the rest of my all-expense paid "vacation" in Bora. I was hoping the the next few days will be better and more awesome. 'Til my next Funboard Cup post!

Posing with the Bombom staff (or owner?... we're not really sure since they're so doped that night...)

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