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20th Neil Pryde Funboard Cup Day 5 (Jan. 10, 2008) Part II

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Neil Pryde Funboard Cup 2008


Honestly folks, Jana and I came to a point that we got tired of partying. It was our fifth (free) night in Bora. And every single night since we got there, we went to a different (free) party. It was definitely fun mingling with all these interesting people from all over the world while getting free drinks at it. But we're human beings after all. And we get tired too. So, after marshaling the entire day, Jana and I decided to first hang out inside our room, ordering room service (for free) and watching HBO. Harvey was texting us non-stop, asking where we were. So we invited him to our room for a threesome (wait for it...) private room party! Hahaha! It's not what you think, you green-minded people! We just hung out for a while, talked, ate, watched TV...stuff that normal adults do. Hehehe.

Then, Harvey finally convinced us to go out. He slept the entire afternoon and he wanted to explore the night away. Jana and I were good girls so we obliged. It was indeed a beautiful night... The sky was clear, the moon was shining and the sea was calm...

Jana & I decided to hang out by the beach for a while as Harvey went off exploring some other bars. We walked barefoot, inhaling everything that cold January night had to offer.

Then we remembered that Remus was DJing that night at Beachcomber so we paid him a visit... We told him that the awarding ceremony for the kiters and wind surfers was about to start so we hurried off and promised to meet with him later that evening.

The awards night was fun! Everybody who stepped on that stage to claim heir prizes deserved every bit of the fame and fortune they garnered. Congrats surfers! You did great!

After the ceremony, we transfered to Cocomangas for yet another wild party!!!

Jana and I hanging out with Don. This was the night he opened up to me about his life. It was very touching and I felt like hugging him for all the turmoils he went through. Nevertheless, he was able to surpass everything and is now trying to live each day as best he can. Thus, his love for traveling and surfing. What more can he ask for?!

Here, the media geeks showed what they got!!!

Go Pam! Go Wango! Go Jana!

Captain Eddie with our resident hiphop dancer Jana! Yes, she studied hiphop back in college.

Blame it on Cocomangas' Jam Jar. Anyone who drinks it will sure get high in an instant!

After a serious chatting session with Don, it was time to let go of all the pain and dance the night away!

The organizers of the event! Yeah, baby!

Cocomangas was fun! But it's time to chill for a while nad have some coffee and pastries at Ole located in D'Mall.

Just when we were about to head back to our resort, we saw the others partying at Hey Jude. Oh, what the heck! We joined them too! That's me and Jana with Mark, a kite instructor in Bora.

More alcohol please!!!!


Definitely a night I'll never forget!

'Til the next Funboard Cup post, folks!

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