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20th Neil Pryde Funboard Cup Day 6 (Jan. 11, 2008)

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Neil Pryde Funboard Cup 2008


I am smiling here in the picture coz I've had quite enough of the Funboard Cup. It's just this one last day and I'm going back home to my baboo (Peter). Yay! I think all my energies spent partying, drinking, meeting new people and simply having a fantastic time for the last four consecutive nights drained my mind and body that I just felt like being quiet that Friday morning. I spent a lot of time in this hammock reflecting on the days that passed, thanking God for this wonderful opportunity of fun and adventure. Despite being tired, I did hope to get invited again next year.

The others were in he same mood as well... The winds were down and there was nothingelse to do but eat, talk and simply hang out and enjoy the beach.

Because it was our last day and Jana was in such high spirits, she requested to be photographed with each person we saw.That's Boyet Sison of ANC's Hardball.

The one on the left is Robby Swift, a pro surfer.

On my left, Chip Childer & Benny Gomez, are with Action Asia Magazine and the one on my right, Gerry Rollin, is the Race Director of the Funboard Cup event.

This shot was taken by Jana, back in our room, when I was on the phone with Peter, crying, coz I was missing him sooo much!

That night, the final awarding ecermony was held at the Regency Hotel...

A photo op with the Champion of the Kiters' Women's Division, Simone. She's a cop back in her country. Pretty cool huh?


Another one with Robby Swift.

With my crush Andreas Pastor (***kilig!***)

Our one last walk by the beach... go to another party at Club Paraw...

Our last moment with Don...

Is that girl in the picture topless?!?!

One last pahtee!!!! (That's Art Palacios on Jana's lower left, the overall Chairman of the Cup)

We missed Remus so we deopped by Beachcomber again and smothered him with our goodbye photo op!

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