Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Munting Buhangin Nasugbu Getaway

Like I said we were supposed to head to Calatagan and visit this place I found online --- White Castle Resort. The pictures I saw really seemed so grand. But when we got there, the place was so small, the pool was greenish and there were no visitors! To think it was summer and I expected the place to be fully-booked! I would've considered it if the beach was somehow ok but it wasn't! Black sand is fine by me and Peter. But black sand with soil and rocks... no, no, no! So off we went back the opposite direction and headed to Nasugbu instead. We wanted to see the other coves there. But as luck would have it, Peter was not able to gas up Zach and we were afraid (well, I was afraid actually, while Peter insisted the car can make it) that we might not be able to have the luxury to go resort-hopping and find what suits us. So, we ended up in one of our old fave beach hang out --- Munting Buhangin Beach Camp which shares the same beach as Terrazas de Punta Fuego. Not bad. Not bad at all.

The only problem was, it looked like everyone from Metro Manila was there that day and we couldn't get the room. Even the cottages were fully booked! Last resort was to get a medium-sized tent for only P900. Plus the entrance fee of P185 each and cushion for the tent at P170, we only spent Php1,440. Perfect!


So what else was there to do but swim and enjoy the beach? And beasically, the whole afternoon, that's what we did...  

We even watched the golden sun set for thirty minutes without a care in the world... 



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