Monday, April 14, 2008

RMS Lutong Bahay in Tagaytay

It's been so long since  Peter and I last went out on a road trip... just me and him, traversing the exciting southern road, not really knowing where to go. Most of time as you've noticed, we always go out with our friends and relatives. Aside from the fact that this makes the trip more affordable since costs are divided among the group, it also makes it more fun. However, Peter and I needed some "alone" time to just be (actually, we need a lot of private time together to compensate for our opposite work schedules) . So last weekend, after my shift at my PA job,which ended at 6am, off we went farther down south feeling our way to where we want to go. We had a room booked at White Castle Resort in Calatagan, Batangas which I googled online. But we didn't really push thru with it. The pictures were great online but the real place sucks...eeewwww!) . 


Anyway, as we were traversing the main road of Tagaytay, for the first time, we noticed this nicely built restaurant along the road, RMS Lutong Bahay. We thought it was a newly built resto but surprisingly, it's been there for four years! Yet, this was the first and only time it beckoned to us. So, we parked Zach (our Yaris) and went in to see if we'd like the place for breakfast.


As it turnd out, it's even more cozy and beautiful than all the other restos we used to frequent before like Viewpoint, Josephine's, Antonio's, Mile Hi, Sonya's Garden, Taalena, Taal Vista etc.   Wow! This is the most perfect resto I've ever seen in Tagaytay! It's so peaceful, warm and breezy at the same time.  The view of Taal has never been this clear and this close! It has a lot of nooks and crannies, plus huts and shades to choose from, depending on one's dining mood and preference. The native Pinoy decors are so intricately designed, it has it's own gift shop and the Pinoy cuisines and delicacies they offer are just simply ravishing! The prices are reasonable too! I think, out of all the Pinoy restos  in Tagaytay that we've been to so far, RMS gets 5 stars for its  ambience, food taste, freshness, price and food presentation.


As expected, they also offer catering and reception services. And the prices are more reasonable than the others we've seen. If only Peter and I wanted to get wed on a mountain, we'd definitely choose RMS as our reception venue. It used to be Taalena. But I change my mind. RMS is definitely the "it" place to be! See for yourself!


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