Friday, May 30, 2008

Puerto Galera Series Part III

There are just so many things to do in Puerto Galera and so many places to visit. If you haven’t read my other posts on this wonderful beach paradise yet , do check them now: Puerto Galera

 If you’re on the way to the port of Calapan, you would pass by this magnificent view of the mountain and sea…

I mentioned before that we usually frequent the white beach every year. Sometimes, even twice in one summer. We just couldn’t get enough of it! For this travelogue, let me feature the other hidden nooks, this piece of paradise has to offer…
 Another great view Puerto Galera’s valleys…

Tamaraw Falls
You can ask any local and they would point you to someone who can give you a ride there. Renting a jeepney would cost around Php800-Php1500  depending on the number of people and whether it’s a half day or a whole day trip to this famous falls. If you rent a tricyle, it will cost a lot cheaper but the ride would take longer. On the average, a ride to the falls will take around an hour. Be sure to bring food and a bit of cash so you can pay for the entrance fee of not more than Php20 per person, buy some chips or fruits on the way down and get yourself some souvenir t-shirts before going back to white beach.


Ponderosa Golf Course
To make the most out of your trip to the falls, ask the driver to drop by Ponderosa for a while. Here, you get one of the best views of  Puerto Galera, the atmospehere is always a bit windy and cold even on a summer day and you can stay for a bit, order some food and drinks, relax and look at their numerous ornaments and trinkets being sold (for quite a hefty price if I may add) at their shop. Even if you don’t buy anything, you can still get some real nice shots…
The beautiful Ponderosa Golf Course situated at the foot of Mount Malasimbo has a challenging 9-hole course and stunning views (some of the best in the area). Don’t miss this opportunity to view Puerto Galera and the entire bay and surrounding area from 450 meters above sea level, so don’t forget your camera!
All clubs, balls etc. are available for rent, and the staff will carry your drinks and find your lost balls for you.

Marco Vincent Resort
Marco Vincent is a  small resort that is not located along white beach. It has 38 exclusive Mediterranean style rooms; deluxe family, queen room, deluxe room and premiere room. It’s a few minutes walk from the gorgeous blue sea passing by a small narrow road and numerous shops. For an airconditioned room for 6 people with three double beds, it would only cost you a little over Php6000 per night, breakfast included. But it’s all worth it. You can check out their packages. You might just be able to get a great deal.


Apartelle de Francesca
Francesca is not as posh as Marco Vincent but for those looking for a more affordable accommodation that can also offer a little privacy, then this little resort is for you. It is a lso a few minutes walk from the beach. For four people, we got an airconditioned room with toilet & shower, a queen-size bed with a pull-out, and breakfast for four for only Php2,500. Check their site and you might just get a better rate. 

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