Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Sneak Preview Into Our Little Home

Renovations are partially over... I took pictures of them the moment our home tidied up a bit. Here, take a look:

The Lanai When We First Moved In:

The Lanai Last Christmas: Less spacious and open-air

The Lanai Now: More spacious, with a daybed, all covered in glass and airconditioned

The Kitchen Before: All white with no cupboards and shelves

The Kitchen Now: With floor to ceiling narra cupboards, granite tiling, exhaust and built-in stove


The Backyard Before: With low bamboo walls

The Backyard Now: With high bamboo walls, shell curtains and more decorative ornaments

The Dining Room and Living Room Before: With no divider

The Dining Room and Living Room Now: With narra & capiz divider, mahogany and molave furniture

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