Monday, June 23, 2008

Home Decorations: Sneak Peek

This month, it's been a year since we transfered from Quezon City to Alabang. How quickly time flew by! And since then, we have done a few things to make the house more welcoming and relaxing...just the way we like it... a cute little townhouse that can be mistaken for a beach condo. Beach na lang ang kulang. Teehee. The initial redecorations / renovations are here including the before pictures. And here are the rest ...

The facade, before & after

The corner after the stairs before and after:

Study room before:

Study room after:

Master's bedroom before:

Master's bedroom after:


L:Master's bathroom before; R: Guest bathroom before

Master's bathroom after:

Guest bathroom after:

L: 1st floor bathroom before; R: 1st floor bathroom after

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