Saturday, June 07, 2008

Hong Kong Disneyland Hello!!!

It's been almost a year since Peter and I went to Hong Kong and it's only now that this series of travelogues is about to come to an end (awwww). For those who want a bit of a background about this trip, and especially for those who want to get some information on how to travel  to Hong Kong the Sexy Nomad way,  do read my previous posts:  Hong Kong Arrival, Hong Kong City Tour, Lantau Island, Big Budha and Po Lin Monastery, Night River Cruise

For this travelogue, I have nothing else to say except that Disney Land is truly a wonderful world for the young ones and the young at heart. I really felt like a kid the whole time we were there! So since I've run out of words to describe the experience, let me just share these tons of pictures we have...

Going There

Checking-in at Disney Hollywood Hotel    
* The stay cost us around Php10,000 for one night but it was all worth it! Next time we go to Disney, we're checking in at the Disney Castle Hotel. It's a bit pricier than the Hollywood Hotel at Php12,000/night, but we are so willing to spend that much if only to experience this big happy place once again.*

Going to Disney Park

Inside Disney Park

Shops! We  Want All!!!

The Disney Castle... WOW!!!

 The Rides.. Weee!!!!


 Hungry? Dine at the Banquet Hall!


Photo Ops Muna.

Off to More Adventure...

To be continued...

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