Friday, July 25, 2008

Cebu on a Weekend

How nice would it be if Peter and I become weekend jetsetters, right? I mean, not like before where we have a whole weekend planned to really travel and do stuff we’ve never done in the past (like scuba dive, surf, snorkel, climb mountains, wakeboard, white water raft, etc.). Now, we’ll just, let’s say, go somewhere outside Luzon and have coffee or go malling! Wouldn’t that be fantastic?! That’s exactly what happened to us last weekend and I almost went crazy. Crazy, coz for one … I spent Php25k (thru my visa platinum, of course) bringing our butts over there via Cebu Pacific (Me, Peter, Popsy, Tita Ching, Tita Eve, Tito Hugo)! Two… we stayed at this small business hotel, Regal, just across Ayala Mall (thank God for their wonderful little breakfast buffet and soft beds). Three… it was raining on and off and we couldn’t even go to a nearby beach or park without getting wet, ack!  But the main reason for our visit was to go see Tito Ped, who is doing a lot better after his traumatic stroke a few months ago. And hopefully do a little bit of sight seeing as well. 

Our flight was 12:10pm last Saturday. There were just too many planes  waiting to fly out of the runway because of the heavy rains that we landed at around 2:30pm. Peter and I haven’t had lunch yet so you can just imagine how famished we were.  I was also waiting for some messages from  my in-laws who arrived the previous day  but it looked like they were having so much fun just getting together (Popsy, Tita Eve, Tita Ching, Tito Hugo and Tito Ped are siblings) that they forgot all about us. We didn’t want to intrude in their quality time with each other so Peter and I adjusted and just sort of went with the flow…
 There was something funny I noticed the moment we hailed a cab and headed to the direction of our hotel… I was thinking, this looks familiar… the hotel apparently is located near Ayala Center which looks almost exactly the same as Madrigal Business Park here in Alabang. Hahaha. What do you know… we flew all the way here to spend time in a place that looks exactly like where we live! Hilarious! …Not! To top it all of, it was raining… Aaaarrrgghhh!
 And don’t forget, by then, I’ve been awake 24 hours… Nuninuninu…
So, since the situation was the way it was, we just made the most out of it. I couldn’t sleep then even if I wanted to. I obviously didn’t want to make this trip seem like I just went to Cebu to sleep. Sigh.
So, since the mall was just there across the street, we might as well go  and find a place to eat. 
 We found this Italian restaurant and ordered as much food as we can eat.
Now, here look, doesn’t this look like Trinoma? Actually, Ayala Cebu looks like Glorietta, Trinoma and Greenbelt all in one. After all, it’s owned by the Ayalas…so…
Ooohh..did I tell you I started smoking again? I’m trying to quit (for the nth time). But I couldn’t resist when I saw this particular brand, PARIS, and they have cigs in raspberry flavor. Raspberry!
Anyway, that night, for the first time, we met a fellow blogger, Midori. She’s virtual friends with TMB and it was really so nice of her to show us around. For our first stop, we went to The LOFT—  the most happening night spot in town. It’s like the Embassy of Cebu Metro.
Because the place is owned by Peter’s cousin in Law, Renault,we got free tickets! Weee!!!!
It’s been so long since I got high and drunk partying like this! I realized I terribly missed it. The smoke, the music, the fun! The feelings of total intoxication… Hehehe.
Partida pa yan… more than 24 hours na kong gising.
After a while, it was time to leave and head somewhere more quiet and relaxed…
According to Midori, this place used to be where mangoes were sold by the crate! Thus, the name One MANGO Avenue. 
There’s this cozy little cafe there, Mr. Coffee that sells really cheap  coffee. For all our coffee orders, we only spent Php 180! Wow! No wonder my sister likes living here. Everything seems more affordable.
The following day, afte we met up with my in-laws for lunch, Peter and I explored the city a bit. The Walk used to be called The Village three years ago. Now, it looks much nicer with all the restos, bars and cafes that lined the area. And it’s in IT Park too where most of  the call centers are at.
However, during the afternoons, The Walk seems boring. Not much people there so we again transfered to Ayala Mall and had my dose of nicotine and caffeine. Bad…bad…Tsk, Tsk.
Then lo and behold, I got a call from my sister that our grandfolks just arrived in Cebu from Cagayan de Oro City. They were in town for an eye check-up. It’s been so long since we last saw each other. To think when they came to Manila to attend my other lola’s wake (may she rest in peace), we didn’t get to see each other. Now, of all the places to bump into each other, it had to be here. I think it’s really a wonderful coincidence. 
 We spent around 3 hours with them then it was time to get back to Popsy at Waterfront Hotel. He got lucky playing at the casino and we celebrated that with a nice, long, dinner buffet… 
This kind of lifestyle feels nice. It can be tiring but it’s a price we’re willing to pay. We’re still young, life is beautiful and the world is on our hands. And we’re ready for more! Bring it on!   

***For a complete list, here's an awesome guide on Cebu: Where to Go and What to Do 

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