Friday, November 28, 2008

Siquijor - Cambugahay Falls - St. Isidore Church & Convent - Balete Tree

For those who want to read from the start, check the followingSiquijor travelogues I’ve already posted. 
After our side trip to Guiwanon Park, Kuya Romeo brought us to the resort. We checked-in at Agripino Hotel, went up to our room, freshened up a bit and in less than 30 minutes, we were back downstairs to continue with our tour. Below are four more of the tourist spots we visted on our first day in Siquijor: 
St. Isidore Labradore Parish Church
St. Isidore Labradore Convent
This convent is said to be Philippine’s largest convent. It was built by the Spaniards in 1884. It is believed to have been the vacation house for the priests of the Diocese in those times. 

Today, nobody seems to live there anymore or at least it looked that way when we visited the place. According to Kuya Romeo, our tricycle driver/tour guide, seldom do priests go there anymore. It looked kind of eerie from where we stood. I wonder if the ghosts of dead priests haunt the place at night?
 Cambugahay Falls
The location of the falls is quite secluded and relatively unexplored, just approximately 2 km. outside the town of Lazi. After parking the tricycle, we paid Php10.00 for the parking fee. There were also some vendors selling gatorade (Php45.00), bottled iced tea and softdrinks (Php35.00) and bottled water (Php30.00). I suggest you buy some coz the trek  back  up will leave you breathless. We crossed the street and went down several steps (135 steps to be exact) before we finally saw this very beautiful work of nature.
Even halfway down, you can already take a peek at the turquoise waters and hear the rushing sound of the falls below. It was quite a sight and the water was very inviting. Both Peter and I took a dip. They said the water was refreshing. It being cold was indeed delightful but it also smelled a little off. I wished I brought my aqua shoes with me. The feeling of mud, rocks and moss on my feet was quite icky. 
Anyway, Peter was not content just frolicking in the waters, he also dared himself to jump from the falls! I would’ve loved to do the same but I think doing it onceback in Pundaquit, Zambales was enough for me. 
Balete Tree
This is said to be the oldest enchanted tree, located in Campalanas, Lazi. It is now more than 400 years old, eerily standing by the highway, sheltering a spring that feeds the agricultural lands in the vicinity. 
I was waiting to see some form of “kapre” or maybe even elves and other supernatural beings. Unfortunately, the tree looked and felt so peaceful. Kuya Romeo said that a Swiss traveler lived in its huge branches for one night, just to see if there were supernatural elements in the area. Sorry to disappoint you but the Swiss slept soundly that night and he didn’t see nor hear, nor felt any eerie forces. So I guess that’s that.

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