Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Siquijor - Capilay Spring, San Juan Beach, St. Francis Church

 For those who want to read from the start, check the followingSiquijor travelogues I’ve already posted. 


This is a natural park situated in San Juan, a town 12 kilometers from the capital town, Siquijor. It is famous among locals especially during the hot summer season.
There are three refreshing fresh water pools  that spring here and people check them out to cool down. Peter and I no longer tested the waters because it didn’t look very clean. There were some people swimming though so we just admired the view. 

 San  Juan Beach
This beach is just walking distance from Capilay Spring Park. Since we were already there, we might as well check it out, right?
It was around 4 pm and the sun’s rays reflected beautifully on the water. The sand was beige and the waters had a lot of seaweeds in them that we decided not to swim.  The concrete chairs  would be perfect for picnics though and the wide beach would be nice for sunbathing. There’s also a nearby restaurant where you can dine in while at the same time enjoying the view of the sea. 

The Church and Bell Tower of St. Francis of Assisi

This church, located near the port in the town of Siquijor,  is also very old, having been built in 1870. Its sturdiness is attributed to the fact that it is made up mostly of corals.The church has its own bell tower which was  built at that time  to help protect and forewarn the locals of impending doom brought about by pirates and other adversaries. 
Sunset at the Port
Before we headed back to the hotel, we dropped by the port and tried to get tickets for our trip back to Dumaguete. I figured that a lot of people will be going back to Manila come November 3 and we didn’t want to take our chances. Unfortunately, they can on pre-sell tickets one day in advance, not two days before the intended return trip. Oh well, it was worth trying. At least that made us decide to come back tomorrow. And for us to make the most out of the trip back to the pier which will cost us around Php500, we decided to continue touring the rest of Siquijor the next day. Kuya Romeo gave us another discounted package of Php750.00. Not bad! Anyway, Peter caught this beautiful sunset shot as I was trying to buy the tickets. Isn’t it magnificent?

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