Sunday, January 25, 2009

Siquijor - Island Butterfly Garden

 For those who want to read from the start, check the following Siquijor travelogues I’ve already posted:

 Entrance to the Butterfy Sanctuary with the owner at the background…

Another place we visited in Siquijor  that is slowly becoming one of its many tourist spots  was the newly launched “Island Butterfly Sanctuary” at Cabilao, Larena, Siquijor. It was launched last September 18, 2008, barely even a month old when our tricycle driver/tour guide suggested that we explore the said farm. Entrance fee is just Php25.00 per person and though Peter and I have been to several butterfly farms before, it would be exciting to see if this one would be any different. The sanctuary is a 200 square meter enclosure that houses around 20-25 species of butterflies, exhibiting pupae, larvae, and live butterflies that have been produced by a Butterfly Garden in Cang-agong, which is owned by Dante Jumapit.

Meeting the very hospitable owner, Mr. Dante Jumapit  

Mr. Jumapit was very happy to see us there. Considering that it was a national holiday and most, if not all of the locals we passed by were celebrating in their respective homes, he didn’t hesitate to entertain us at all. He even invited us over at his place for lunch and dessert where we met his wife, kids and several neighbors. They were a very amicable bunch and very hospitable at that.  It was really very nice of him.

The butterfly farm is still small but it is very clean and well-maintained…
This pond in the middle is shaped like Siquijor island itself with the seven lilies representing the seven major towns of Siquijor…
Anyway, back to the butterfly sanctuary, Mr. Jumapit told us that he personally set up this project, using his own funds, because he wants to:
 “bring nature closer to man and inculcate the value of conservation; provide venue for the study of the history and ecology of butterfly; enhance the dwindling field population of butterflies through programmed release of healthy species; collect, propagate and conserve rapidly vanishing host plants; increase awareness on the importance of biodiversity; enhance the education of youth on environmental and ecological issues through observation; and promote butterfly tourism through the richness of our endemic species.”  - Philippine Information Agency

The sanctuary will not only serve as a tourist spot for visitors like us, but as an educational tool for students, locals, foreign tourists and the general public as well. Mr. Jumapit will need our assistance to raise funds for this project. Any form of help will truly be appreciated. To get in touch with Mr. Jumapit, please contact 0928-789-3168.

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