Saturday, February 28, 2009

Siquijor - Mt. Bandilaan Peak - Haunted House - Tulapos Marine Sanctuary

 For those who want to read from the start, check the following Siquijor travelogues I’ve already posted. 

We now come to the final stretch of our Siquijor trip. The clock was ticking so fast and our life back in the city was already beckoning to us. We had to make the most of what’s left of this journey. From our lovely visit to the Butterfly Farm, we headed back to our resort, but not without a few stops of course.

We first dropped by Siquijor’s Stations of the Cross located at Mt. Bandilaan Park. It was a pretty long and high climb. The trail going to the top was a bit moist, perhaps from that morning’s drizzle or maybe because  we were trekking a forest.

On the other hand, the air around us was so cool despite the fact that it was early in the afternoon and the sun was blazing in the blue sky.I thought, this must be how life was back in the day when global warming was still nonexistent in men’s vocabulary. Too bad, I can only experience that here in unspoiled Siquijor. You all know how hot it can be in the city… like…right now! (It’s not even officially summer yet. Argh.)


I noticed Peter was a bit distracted from all the wonderful greenery around us that he didn’t notice this huge tree trunk blocking our path and almost tripped. The reason was that his “horde” (of earth and wood elementals, spirits, dragons and other supernatural beings) were having a blast making acquaintance with numerous other supernatural creatures in the area like dwarves, elves, tikbalang, etc. It made him uncomfortable thinking that his horde would somehow leave him and choose to stay here (which some of them did…how sad). I’m already used to it. Thank God for my sleepy third eye. I seldom feel or see such mysterious things. 

Continuing with our ascent, we just enjoyed the cool breeze and the pleasant feeling of being surrounded by numerous trees and shrubs unknown to me.  Finally, when we reached the peak , we totally ignored the three gigantic crosses when we saw this other bigger tower-like structure. My first thought was to go up and have a fantastic panoramic view of the entire island. So that’s what we did. Weee!

To our dismay, the tall trees around us didn’t give us much of a view at all. Too bad. Oh well. The excitement of it all got to me and I needed to pee. Believe it or not, we (especially Peter) asked permission first from all the dwarves around us. They helped pick a safe spot for me to pee and I’m very thankful. Call us crazy or whatever. Better safe than sorry, right?

For our second stop, our kind driver took the long route  and brought us to this old creaky haunted house called Cang-Isok House (the oldest surviving house in Siquijor) . It’s the same horrendous abode that Peter was trying to photograph just the other night when all of a sudden our cameras were not working. That really got us pretty scared. But that afternoon, in broad daylight, we finally shot it in all its spooky glory.  Peter wanted to go inside. I forbade it. Even with his supernatural powers, I didn’t want to risk anything. The last time he “played with fire” in Surigao, he got bitten by a severe illness. I didn’t want to risk that. 


Next, we visited Tulapos Marine Sanctuary hoping to see their very well-known tree house. We’ve probably walked a mile amidst this huge mangrove forest but still, no tree house was in sight. Being tired and really wanting to catch the final rays of the sun in my bikini, we called off the hunt for this elusive little residence and decided to head back to the resort. I thought, once you’ve seen a tree house you’ve probably seen them all. Or so I rationalized. Maybe next time… once we’re brave enough to go visit  the Cantabon Caves, the only other tourist spot  here in Siquijor that we missed just because Peter’s horde (particularly GOLDIE, Peter’s golden haired elemental) told him not to go for fear that he might not be able to get out alive. There are other mean supernatural creatures that were very interested in Peter. Go figure. I can never really  fully understand how all this stuff works but I do believe it.


On our way back, we just made one last stop over at this unknown beach. It’s just along the road and from afar, one can actually see the three major islands of Cebu, Bohol and Camiguin (which reminds me… I have to post my Camiguin travelogue very very soon). How cool is that?!


Finally, we reached our hotel. We didn’t waste any minute at all. I immediately donned my pink bikinis while Peter wore his rashguard before heading to the beach. As Peter was enjoying  the waters, happy as a whale, I found a sweet spot where I soaked what’s left of the sun’s glory.


I did the same thing early the following morning. C’est la vie! My days back in the city can wait a little bit longer.. ^_^ 

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