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Bali, Indonesia Here We Come!

For those who would like to read my Indonesia travelogue from the start, click this:
And Off I Fly Again
As usual, pre-departure time made me anxious. All flights do, especially when Peter is not by my side. Our flight was at 10:30 am via Air Asia so we made sure to be checking in an hour before that. The flight turned out to be uneventful, thank God! I was asleep the whole time coz…well… I had to be! Otherwise, all these gory images of  turbulence & plane crash will just keep popping in my head. *gasp!*
Come touchdown, I started feeling excited. Oh my God! I’m almost in Bali!  The view of its surf was awesome!!! It’s one of my dream beach destinations and I was finally there! Thug, thug, thug… my heart went.

Check-in at Harris Hotel
The first time I heard that name from Lora, not so pleasant hotel images came to mind. It sounds very ordinary, right? H-A-R-R-I-S.  So I thought we’d be staying in a so-so kind of  hotel because it’s way cheaper than those five star ones that line the Nusa Dua area.
But to my surprise, it looks as nice as Panoly in Boracay! It’s not as huge but it did have a nice swimming pool and garden view. It’s a 3-4 star hotel I think and it wasn’t so bad at all. Like I said, it has a nice pool with a beautiful garden. Our room was big enough for the three of us and they have free wifi (the most important thing of all…yes!).   

We got a fantastic view from our room. ^_^
As Lora and Jowi were settling in, I didn’t waste any minute at all. I wore one of the lingerie I bought in Jakarta, paired it with my denim mini skirt and immediately went down to the pool area to start taking some photos. For some reason, I find this kind of activity one of the most important things to do when traveling. The moment I am able to record (either via video or photo) the places I visit and the things I do, they officially become real to me. Otherwise, without photos, I could’ve traveled the whole world but still feel as if  all of it never happened. I am weird that way. Teehee.
So there I was, exploring the different angles the pool side and the garden can offer. I even tried taking photos of myself. At this time, I still haven’t figured out how to work the timer so I had to carry the heavy Nikon as it faced me. That’s why I missed Peter all the more! Nobody was there to take my pictures! ^_^
Shopping, Parade and Coffee  at Kuta Square 

Then it was time to head to Kuta Square for some major shopping. Lora and Jowi needed to buy new pairs of bikinis. While I just took photos and enjoyed the place the entire time. I also chanced upon a parade of sorts in preparation for Bali’s Day of Silence (March 26, 2009, Thursday). This was the reason why we only stayed until the 25th coz as per their religion, no one is allowed to do anything but stay silent on March 26 (eeeep!).
We also rented a van the whole time we were there. There were no public transportation available except for the motorcycles which seemed very dangerous so we stuck with our rented van. We had nice drivers anyway, who received huge tips from us the whole time (around Rp 20,000-Rp100,000). 
Come early evening, shopping (window shopping for me) got us so tired and thirsty. There’s this restaurant that offers delicious coffee right along the middle of Kuta Square and near Coffee Bean and Tea leaf called Dulang Cafe. I ordered Frozen Nociola Coffee which I found very, very satisfying. Aaahhhh.
 Rumours has it…  
We had the driver pick us up afterwards. We went back to our hotel to prepare for that evening’s fantabulous dinner at Rumours along Kuta beach where the best steaks are served (or so Lora believed). I ordered their special ribeye steak with lasagna on the side. My only mistake was that I had it served medium well when it should’ve been served medium rare. Tsk, tsk. Oh well, for its Rp87,000 price, I still tried to enjoy it. But I really had to have another steak some other time.“Perhaps, in Boracay’s Steakhouse when I go there the following week with Peter”, or so I thought. Peter always knows how to have his steak.
Capping it Off at Kudeta
After dinner, Lora brought us to KUDETA, a resto bar where romance is always in the air. They have installed huge beach sofas facing the ocean where friends and lovers alike can lie down and have drinks under the starlit sky as they gaze at the horizon. It was really breathtaking. I ordered San Miguel Pale Pilsen even if I’m not a beer drinker coz Lora said it’s packaged differently in Indonesia. True enough, it was. Hehehe. I didn’t finish it but nevertheless, the ambience made up for its price (around Rp 150,000).
We all went back to our hotel satiated and relaxed. After a bit of internet hopping, I fell asleep, looking forward to next day’s set of activities. ^-^

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