Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Green Nature Resort, San Mateo Rizal

We had nothing definite planned for the Holy Week that passed. There were thoughts of going to Sagada and/or Caramoan. BUT.. it was like our spirits were willing... but our bodies were weak. Plus, I'm really scared of braving the narrow roads going to Sagada. I may need to be "high" just to be able to ride a bus going up there. Anyway, I think we just wanted to vegitate at home, lounge and catch up on online stuff & sleep. Anyway, my mom suggested that we check out this new resort in San Mateo Rizal. It's near their home and the kids in the neighborhood said that it's an awesome place for families. So on Holy Thursday, Peter and I treated my family to an excursion at Green Nature Resort.

Green Nature Resort and Leisure Park is a hide away nestled in the city of San Mateo, Rizal. Having been privately owned for over 10 years and recently opened to the public, the resort has been well maintained and continues by keeping the place clean and adding trees to enhance its tranquility.

For only 45 minutes from Manila, you can now delight your senses in the beauty of this haven. This 1 Hectare resort offers a lot of amenities for the recreation of the whole family and even for your whole group of friends.

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Here you can have a peaceful time with friends. Take a dip in the pool or jacuzzi and enjoy the mini waterfalls in between the two. Have an adrenaline to our slide. Have a picnic with your family. There is a basketball court, beach volleyball, table tennis, billiards and football available to suit any sports fan needs. But this place is not just for the family. Retreats and team building activities can also be held at our function room. The cottages can accommodate as much as 100 people all in all.

So relieve yourself from stress. Relax and take joy in the scenery Green Nature Resort and Leisure Park has to offer. It is truly a place for different activities, for everyone to enjoy! - Green Nature Resort

DM & his Lola enjoying the pool...

Green Nature Resort & Leisure Park is located at Upper Patiis, Brgy. Guinayang, San Mateo Rizal. Coming from Alabang, it was quite a long way up north. Include the time we spent dropping by Chowking for our food (more like hanging out at Chowking coz it took so long for them to have our orders ready), we spent two hours just to get there and as expected, the place was full. No cottages nor rooms were available so we had to wait for the next batch of tables and chairs to come and they set it up in one of their nooks and crannies under the shade of banana trees. It was quite cozy , actually.

Playtime with Lolo...

My family had fun, my baby nephew DM (short for Dominic Mark) had a lot of photo ops and I was able to do some drafts for one of my blogs, teehee. I didn't swim anymore. My skin still hurt from too much sunbathing I did a week ago.

DM, can I have an instant baby just like you?

Time spent with baby DM is precious.

Peter can really make a baby sleep so soundly...

Green Resort, in my opinion, would've been nicer if there weren't many people around. They have almost everything families would want in a vacation resort --- basketball court, beach volleyball court, videoke machines, billiards, playground for kids, spiral pool slides, swimming pools for both kids and adults, mini choo-choo train that tours the whole place in one big loop, a spacious lounging area, jacuzzi, waterfalls, fish pond, canteen, electric mini car rides for kids, open cottages, private villas, nicely decorated public restrooms and all the staff were vigilant, approachable and helpful. Even the sons of the owner were helping out the guests during this very busy season. Had I known better, I would've opted for an overnight accommodation instead. Here are the rooms they have for rent and other price lists:

We came in at around lunch time. For P140(kids)/P150(adults) each entrance fee (from 8am-5pm), I'd say we really didn't get the best value for our money coz we only got to stay for 5 hours. On the other hand, had we thought of going for a nightswim, we could've enjoyed a less crowded resort from 7pm - 4am at P200(kids)/P220(adults) each. Oh well. Maybe next time... ^_^ I'll make sure we come during the non-peak season so we can enjoy everything the resort has to offer.

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