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Jakarta Mall Tour, Indonesia

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Back to School
Sunday was spent lazily checking out the hip and happening malls around Jakarta. But before we did all that, Lora showed me the school where she teaches grade 2 students, Sekolah Mentari.
Her classroom was very big and colorful (Lora is an artist after all!) and was very reminiscent of  the classroom I used when I taught prep boys at Ateneo Grade School ten years ago. Hers is just much bigger though. Like she said, it is her  happy little kingdom and she’s the queen. She even has her own toaster & small pantry! ^_^
How Grand is Grand Indonesia?
Afterwards, we proceeded with our mini mall tour. Grand Indonesia was our first destination. It was huge alright but according to Lora, there’s a much bigger mall than this one which we will visit in a while. I accompanied  her first to STRIP, a salon where she gets her brazilian wax. How appropriate, huh?!   If only I didn’t have my period then, I would’ve loved to do the same thing. Lora told me that they do it with chocolate and it’s not as painful. Coolness! At least, they offered me free Indonesian tea which tasted like salabat (ginger). Is that what Indonesian tea is? Teehee. We have lots of that at home. I can even make my own too. Still, it was sweet of them to offer me  a cup which I graciously accepted.
This posh place is a mall?
We then went to Pacific Place where I saw lots of designer shops, and designer bags and shoes being worn by filthy rich Indonesian women. This mall even has a check-in security system similar to what we have at airports. I was so amazed! Well, considering that loaded people go to this place to shop, they really ought to have strict security. 

And just when I was enjoying my time, taking photos with my DSLR, this burly security guard approached me trying to tell me that taking photos is not allowed. Good thing I didn’t notice him coz he was speaking in Bahasa Indonesia and I was so immersed with my photography that Jowi was the one who  dragged me away from the guard and explained what just happened. Hehe. Too late. I already took photos. ..Tons of ‘em. Mwehehehe. Thank God though my camera was not confiscated! *gasp*
Jowi explained that this particular mall is very strict in terms of having its designs, people, etc. being photographed especially when one is using a professional looking camera such as my  Nikon D40. If I was using my Olympus Digicam, maybe I wouldn’t have had that encounter. 
Anyway, at Pacific Place, I accompanied Lora at Forever 21 where she shopped ’til she dropped!  Uhm… Lora, anuba! Don’t tell me I went to Jakarta to shop at Forever 21?” Unlike Lora who bought several clothes, I only bought a good pair of colorful sunglasses which I found really cute & unique.
Pancakes, anyone?
Having done some more camwhoring, Lora and Jowi brought me to Pancious, a very interesting and colorful pancake house.
We ordered pancakes topped with thin slices of beef and mozarrella cheese with a veggie side dish, baby potatoes with salami slices and fruit cocktail iced tea. And guess what? I was disappointed to find out that the cheesy and chocolate pancakes Peter and I make at home, including the baby potatoes we make with bacon bits, mushrooms and Italian herbs taste way better than those we’ve ordered. Tsk, tsk. However the fruit cocktail iced tea survived my review. It tastes as good as the cranberry and fruit berry iced tea I make at home. It is at times like this that I always think Peter and I should really try to open a food place one of these days. I swear, most if not all of the dishes Peter makes taste way better than what is sold out there.   And I am a very candid and honest customer. I tell it like it is. Peter knows this. I’m his worst food critique ever. 
After our pancake indulgence, there was still time to kill.  Out of all the things we could do, guess what we did? We went to a parlor and had our hair shampooed and blow dried to wonderful curls. Hahaha! This was in preparation for our early trip to Bali the next day. Wahoo!
Back home tasting local deli & shopping for undies
That evening, back at Lora’s place, I met all of Lora’s family kaboodle (her term, not mine) They were one happy sociable bunch. They were all so wonderful! No wonder Lora fell in love with all of them. She is so lucky. They got me to taste some Indonesian delicacies including the famous Martabak. It tasted alright. But I think it’s not as good as the one I had at MOA before. Lora said that it was not the Martabak she had in mind. Well, maybe next time.
After all the socializing, it was time to shop for my Victoria Secret lingerie. Lora’s foster parents (Tita Lhou and Tito Milton)  turn out to be the direct suppliers of these fabulous lingerie and I got mine at discounted prices.
Watch out for the exclusive photo shoot we did in Boracay on my first lingerie collection. It will soon be posted on my fashion blog. Those who are interested to buy, please contact me  through my fashion blog.  I’d be glad to assist you in purchasing your own Victoria Secret lingerie collection too. ^_^

It was already around 2 a.m. when I finally bid Peter goodnight via Skype.  I had to explain to him all the socializing we did earlier that evening and the purchases I made which he will be so happy to see on me once I get home. Teehee. ^_^
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