Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson, the Undisputed King of Pop - Still Mourning His Death

It’s Saturday morning. In a few hours, my hubby and I are scheduled to go to Batangas to celebrate his birthday. I’ve already packed my clothes, cleaned the house, brewed some  coffee and toasted some bread for breakfast. I figured it was still too early to wake Peter up. So I sat on my massage rocking chair and watched CNN. I just wanted to know the developments on the death of my ultimate idol, the undisputed King of Pop, Michael Jackson. I was intently listening to what the newscaster was saying when so suddenly, I again couldn’t control the sudden surge of emotion I was feeling. I wept… I wept like a little child. I rarely cry these days. So it was a mighty phenomenon for me to be experiencing so much emotional pain inside that I needed to let it all out. I decided to video myself too coz those were precious tears I was shedding. I just want the world to know that I am extremely sad over the death of Michael Jackson, the performer. I respected him as a private person but I loved him more as an artist. And I am just so sad that the world will never see him make new music nor perform again. I love you Michael. We all do. And your memory will live on forever.

Here, the little beauty, poise and charm I think I have all flew out of the window. I didn’t care… I still don’t. I am so devastated… and I don’t know when I’ll recover. 

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