Sunday, September 20, 2009

GMA 7 Unang Hirit Interview, Vita Plus, etc.

Yeah, after only 6 weeks of doing one of my passions, I wasn’t only successful in spreading health, wellness and extra energy among  some people in my social network, friends and family but I’ve also earned Php50, 175.00 total. WOW!!! That is some serious money. And I haven’t even really worked hard for it yet. All I did was just share my experiences the way I know how — through blogging, microblogging and chatting most of the time. I figured, since I blog about so many other things, places, products and services, why not share about the most influential thing in my life right now,  which is First Vita Plus, right? So that’s just what I did.

For someone like me, who until now, still don’t know the name of my neighbors and who is so busy with other things (I have 2 VA jobs… I let go of my 3rd one just so I can still do VTRs, acting, my nail art and lingerie biz on the side, plus do household chores and sleep!), the Vita Plus Biz is really the way to go if you want to earn some real money while advocating health at the same time. Their products, especially the vegetable juice drinks that taste like dalandan, melon, pineapple and mango are indeed miracle drinks!  Especially these days when all of us eat THE TOP 5 CANCER-CAUSING FOODS — hotdogs, french fries, doughnuts, chips/crackers/cookies and processed meats/bacons.Thanks to Vita Plus juice drink, Peter and I haven’t been sick since we started drinking it last July 28. And we don’t anymore  take our other multivitamins and supplements. Plus, we’re always bursting with energy so we can do more of the things we love to do! Like later, Sunday morning, after having been awake for 33 hours now as of writing this blog post, we’ll be heading to Batangas for somekayaking and snorkeling activity. It’s been so long since we last hit the beach! No thanks to the crazy weather we’ve been having for several months now. 
With the Unang Hirit Segment Producer (girl beside me) and the camera crew
Anyhoo, the week passed like a blur. Tuesday afternoon, when I was supposed to be already sleeping, the segment producer and camera crew of GMA 7’s Unang Hirit dropped by the house to interview me regarding my Mobile Digital Nail Art Biz. I wasn’t able to catch when it was shown coz like I said, I was busy with work. And when Unang Hirit airs every morning from 6-9am, that is usually  my crunch time at work. Anyway, I did get calls from people inquiring about my nail art biz so I guess it already got aired.

After my interview, they started taking shots of my Nail Art Magazine
The rest of the week was just spent doing the laundry, cleaning the house, juggling two jobs at night and sending Vita Plus packages to people who would like to lose weight, get healthy, be more energized and basically improve their well-being. It’s a good thing that’s courier goes to our house every time there’s a package that needs to be delivered. Otherwise, I wouldn’t really have the time on a weekday.
And oh, I met an American author online… His name is Dennis Hambright. He is based in Texas and is interested to try the Vita Plus juice drink, as well as bring the networking business there. But the thing that really made me say OMG was when he told me that he reads my blog and that he’ll send me a signed copy of his latest book, MERCENARY INTENT! This is so awesome! I never had an author personally send me a copy of his book before! I’m truly honored! Thanks  again,  Dennis!!! *blush*
Then my entire Saturday was spent at Vita Plus (coz honestly, that’s the only time I can really take care of the business) —  meeting for the first time mybookworm reader who got so interested with my blog post on HAPPINESS NOW, one of my favorite books written by Andrew Matthews, that he asked me if he can xerox my book… so I met him in person this afternoon while getting my Vita Plus checks and free  juice products. I also got to talk to “almost millionaires”, those people in my network who are now earning P100,00  a week!  And then I got to share the Vita Plus experience, their products and the business to new and old friends as well. Coz if I can do it by doing almost nothing for the business and earning this much, then I bet a lot of other people can do it better and earn more than me. My goal is to just spread the good news to everybody because this can be  one of the ways people can have better and healthier lives  for themselves and their families. Thanks to my very supportive  team of uplines, they are making everything so easy for me and my downlines as well.   
Speaking of old friends, we also met  up with Tahnee at Dolci Divino, a new gelato cafe serving Italian food just behind Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Ortigas. It was such a fun girl bonding experience.  My mentor, Jerry Jimenez joined us too. Oh, did I tell you that he gave me an exciting assignment for this week? And that is to start and finish reading Napoleon Hill’s book: THINK AND GROW RICH. Yeah, I can’t wait! I’ll start later at the beach! We then headed to La Vista to visit Tita Tess for my lingerie stock and see Lora who just got back home fromJakarta. It was such a productive and profitable day fo me and Peter!  I’m still so energized until now that I just have to blog about my week before I catch some major zzzzs and enjoy the rest of my long weekend. ^_^
Those who want to more more about the health and wealth program of First Vita Plus, you can call or text me at 0918-9270850 or email me I’ll be more than glad to assist you in your journey towards a better, healthier and wealthier life.  Good morning!!!

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