Friday, October 30, 2009

Divine Mercy Hills - Cagayan de Oro

For those who want to check my first two days in CDO, please click the link below:
Had Mer not been preggy and had Peter been with me, I would have had a different plan for my third day. Altho, I could’ve done my plan by myself  if only I was that brave. You see, for many years now, I’ve contemplated doingwhite water rafting  in Cagayan de Oro. Before, my grandparents wouldn’t let me. But now that I’m old and they know I can take care of myself, they were even the ones pushing me to go! Tsk, tsk, tsk.  And just recently,  my sister Abba recommended that I do the longest zip line in Asia which is located inBukidnon, just a one hour drive from Cagayan de Oro. Argh. Since circumstances were rather not favorable for me to do these things at that time, Mer and I sort of planned to do them  maybe in a year or two, when her baby, Heaven, is a bit old. ^_^ Like they say, there’s always next time. At least I’d have another reason to come visit. 
So, on my third day,  together with Mer’s relatives, we visited the Divine Mercy Hills located in Ulaliman, El Salvador City, Misamis Oriental. It was less than an hour’s drive from Cagayan de Oro City.
Going there, we passed by the beach I used to frequent with my grandparents and cousins when I was much younger. The beach still looked clean and awesome from afar. Too bad, we didn’t have the time to do some beach bumming. Maybe, next time. By the way, notice the blue cloth Mer and I were wearing (see photos below). That’s coz they don’t allow people wearing backless tops and skirts must be 2 inches below the knees. My goodness!!!
Anyway, Divine Mercy was constructed as a project of the Divine Mercy Foundation in Mindanao, Philippines. It has the following amenities: 50-foot statue of the Divine Mercy, Divine Mercy Church, area of the Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration, the residence of the Chaplain, The Way of the Cross,  Mary’s Garden, Field Altar, Seminar & Retreat Facilities, Monastery, Administration Building, Parking Areas, Coffee Shops, Gift Shops, and restrooms. The total land area for the whole thing is 95, 352 sq. meters. It’s really, really big!
For inquiries, you may contact them at 0822-350-1393. We stayed there all morning and just before lunch, we headed back to Cagayan de Oro City where I asked Mer’s Tito to drop us at my grandparents’ place for lunch.

It was nice seeing my grandparents again.They both look happy and enjoying themselves. If before they had, like, 12 kids staying with them, now, they have like 9 dogs to keep them company (aside from their maids and drivers)!
Even at a retiring age of 80+ for my grandpa and 60+ for my step grandma, they’re still busy with their respective careers. After retiring as DepEd Superintendents and GSIS Board of Trustee and Consultant, they are now into teaching  and advising Ph.D. students in one of Cagayan de Oro’s universities.  How awesome is that?! I wanna be doing something fun and meaningful too when I’m at that age. I think that’s what’s keeping them healthy and happy. I wanna be like that too. ^_^
My grandparents prepared a grand feast for us. It’s like high school days again when we had tons of food every single day. No wonder I grew really fat during my first year in high school here. Teehee. Who wouldn’t? I was used to eating nothing back in grade school and then voila — when I started living here, there was just so much food! Hahaha! Talk about being patay gutom! Hahaha! Kidding!
Anyway, we spent a few hours just chatting with my grand folks.Then Mer and I napped in my old room. Memories….
Late that afternoon, I had my grandparents’ driver drop us at Dynasty Hotel first so we can buy some special pansit for Mer’s folks. Then we headed to Mer’s cousin’s house where we sang the night away… 
 At this point, I was already missing Peter A LOT.  I was really, really, REALLY horny for him that I couldn’t wait to go home.
I started seeing green that even Mer’s 21 year old cousin looked yummy to me. Good thing, his kid was so cute playing rockstar that it distracted me from my evil thoughts. Harhar!!! It was already dawn when we came back to Tita Wink’s place to sleep. It was another good day for us. ^_^

To be continued…

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