Friday, October 09, 2009

Kayaking in Nasugbu and Tagaytay Food Trip

Sept. 20, 2009… a week before typhoon Ondoy devastated Luzon. It was a quiet, sunny and wonderful day. Peter and I thought it was a good day to go out of town and spend some quality time together. Since we only had two days to spare (Monday was considered a holiday), we decided to go somewhere near and fun. So we thought of heading to Tagaytay and Nasugbu.

 Upon reaching Tagaytay proper, we noticed that the sky was getting dark, cold and foggy. Our first reaction was a big “OH NO!!!”. It also began to drizzle so we decided to stop somewhere for lunch to think about whether we’re pushing thru with our plan to kayak in Nasugbu or not.

 We found this nice looking restaurant, BALI SEAFOD PALUTO. It was cozy with native and wooden designs. And they offer delicious Pinoy dishes too.

 It took a while for our order to be cooked so we spent some time just hanging out, with me reading my book and Peter tinkering with the camera.

At last, our food arrived! I was sooo hungry!

We ordered Sinigang na Tilapya. For only Php195, the serving was quite huge and more than enough for the both of us!

 Next stop was Munting Buhangin beach in Nasugbu. The waiter I spoke with at the restaurant said that Nasugbu’s weather is always different from Tagaytay’s. So if it was drizzling in Tagaytay, it’s most probably sunny in Nasugbu. True enough, it was!

Late as it was (around 3pm) we still  managed to enjoy the water and do some kayaking. Yay!

We originally planned to stay overnight and pitch our new tent. However, my agant texted me that afternoon saying that I have a VTR the next morning. Oh well.

Before heading home that night, we stopped at Army Navy for dinner. Peter was craving for some burger and burrito. I ordered some  quesadillas too. ^_^ So that was our weekend before Ondoy. We all know what happened after that.  I’m just glad even typhoon Pepeng is now out of the country. Yay!

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