Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Malasag Eco Village - Cagayan de Oro

I’ll be traveling for about a week to visit my sister in Cebu and my bestfriend Mer and grandparents in Cagayan de Oro. I’m excited to visit both places but I’m anxious to see my grandparents too. The last time I visited them was when Peter and I did the Visayas-Mindanao trip  summer of 2005. For three weeks, we hopped from CEBU (Part IPart IIPart III) to DUMAGUETE to BOHOL toSURIGAO to CAMIGUIN   to BUKIDNON and lastly, to CAGAYAN DE ORO. I know, it was so long ago. And looking back, I realize that I never got to blog about  the last part of that particular trip.  
Anyway, the last time I was there, I was blonde. Yup, you read that right. I was blonde. I was so blonde and so dark that the moment Peter and I went to Limket Kai Mall to do some shopping, taxi drivers were calling us in English asking if we want a ride. They thought we were foreigners! Hahahaha!  You can read my blog post on SURIGAO and you’ll know why I dyed my hair blonde. Hehehe.
I was with my husband Peter and my parents at that time. We stayed for only a few days, just enough to visit our farm in Bukidnon and to  check out Malasag Eco Park.
Exploring Malasag Eco Park

Cagayan de Oro was where I spent my high school. It was both one of the best and worst  phases of my life.I won’t dwell much on it here but perhaps, those who have been reading my blog from the start will know a bit of my history and they’ll understand what I’m talking about. 
Trip back to memory lane… my bedroom, the living room and the library where I spent many sleepless nights studying…

Stepping inside my grandparents’ house brought back so many memories, both painful and happy. Good thing that my grandparents have already mellowed down and are now more into farming and growing vegetables.

  My step grandma and her vegetable garden
In fact, aside from the farm in Bukidnon, their  house in the city and the  empty vacant lot in front of their house that they bought for my mom and my aunt, they also have this small lot in the same subdivision  which my step grandmother turned into a little vegetable garden. I’m excited to see what happened to it now. 

 With my gf Michelle at Taza Tea
The last thing I did before we all went back to Manila was to see my girlfriend and former high school classmate Michelle. I hope to see more of my friends this coming weekend. I’ll be at Cebu first on Oct. 6-9 then Cagayan de Oro on Oct. 9-12. Ciao! ^_^ 

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