Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sky Adventure and A's Bar in Cebu

If you want to check out the rest of my vacation in Cebu, click the link below:
Sky Adventure and A's Bar in Cebu
Edge Coaster and Skywalk @ Cebu Crown Regency Hotel
Ayala Mall and The Arcade in Cebu

At the airport, I was missing Peter a lot that I was just reading my book when I finally decided to eat at Chaikofi… our fave dining place at NAIA 3. Little did I know that back in Ortigas, Peter was also having breakfast at Chaikofi in Robinson’s! Awww.. He even sent me an MMS photo of him. *Melt*

I arrived in Cebu on a Tuesday afternoon, around 1:30 pm. The flight was uneventful except for minor turbulences as we were ascending. I really can’t explain why these things make me so scared… Maybe because I was again traveling alone, Peter was not with me and all those images of scary airline flicks I watched before came rushing back to mind. I should really try to relax and just enjoy the flight. Heck, I’ve been traveling since I was six years old and these things should get petty boring as I grow old. But anyway, let’s just say that too many discovery channel airline disaster movies coupled with lots of caffeine in my system made me this paranoid. Teehee.

Top photo: Relaxing for a little while in my sister’s house together with her girlfriend Chris (in white uniform); Bottom photo: photo op with my sis, Aba, at the lounging area of Crown Regency.

Moving on, this Cebu trip of mine would serve as a precedent for many other business trips that I would make in the near future. I figured, since I love to travel and I am currently getting busy with my Vita Plus business, I might as well mix the two, right? It also helps that my two full time VA jobs only require me to be online and considering that the entire country is practically hooked to the net, my life today has become the kind of life that I’d always wanted it to be — productive, carefree, fun and with a sense of purpose.

Hanging out at the 19th floor of the Crown Regency Tower… Yeah, I was already trying to psych myself at this time to do the skywalk and edge coaster ride before I leave for Cagayan de Oro  in a few days.

So anyway, that same afternoon, after my arrival, Aba and Chris brought me to Crown Regency Hotel and Tower to check out their Sky Adventure packages. Since I had a business meeting scheduled that afternoon, I figured that we can just watch the 4D movie combo afterwards and just do a bit of site seeing while waiting for my business prospect.

This moment was one of the best movie experieces I ever had! Whew!!! Thank God I survived this. I was screamilng the whole time. This 4D thing made me feel like everything was real!

Fast forward to the 4D experience itself, we had a blast! The reason why it’s called 4D (and not just 3D like what they offer at IMAX in MOA) is because aside from the usual 3-dimensional experience, there was also real water splashes, wind and earthquake as seen on the three short films – Deep Sea, Dino Rage, and The Lost Island.

Dinner at Mr. A’s Bar. It felt like I was in Antipolo. The overlooking scenery was so beautiful.

My evening and dawn were spent having dinner at Mr. A’s Bar and doing some online work. I took a leave with one of my virtual assistant jobs so I can I manage to do some SEO work on another one. Talk about time management and overall mixing of business and pleasure.  C’est la vie! ^_^

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