Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lifestyle Change The Sexy Nomad Way

It was year 2008 when I first decided to work from home. I remember our maid then asking me "Ano naman gagawin mo dito sa bahay? Baka ma-bored ka lang." (What will you be doing here at home? You might just be bored.) Well, I've been at it since then and I'm proud to say that with everything I do here around the house (especially after I let our maid go coz I found out how lazy she really was... maybe that's why she was anxious of me staying at home, hrhrhr!), there's really no time for me to feel bored. I even miss our house when we travel, especially when I go on a trip without my hubby for a certain period of time. Coz... I know he's not really that O.C. around the house. So anyway, now that I'm back to my hectic schedule, I not only make sure that I keep our house pretty clean and orderly but I also keep myself productive and happy.

A Little Quiet Time

I've set a little schedule for myself this week. When I wake up in the afternoon, after I drink my Vita Plus veggie drink and do my meditation, I spend some time relaxing in our balcony by reading a few pages each of my self-help books (Oprah's Live Your Best Life, Jack Canfield's The Success Principle, Richard Carlson's Don't Sweat The Small Stuff in Love, Paramahansa Yogananda's Para-Grams) and my Drums Book. Through the years, I was able to collect tons of books and I can only wish to finish them all in my lifetime. Anyway, I've always been ga-ga over self-help stuff. I've been at it since college when I realized that I have a choice to be happy and wealthy. I think my life right now is a living testament to that.Thanks to Oprah, my ultimate idol. See the stuff I've been sharing so far in my self-help blog, Kicking Pinay.

Enjoying Nature

It's true that the best things in life are free. Take this situation for instance. Despite my busy schedule, I can still have a little moment enjoying nature. We may not have tons of plants at home but at least I can still watch the grandeur of the skies from our balcony. I even caught the moon rise. I also bike around our village now. The weather has been breezy and nice lately and it's just so awesome for biking! Plus it also gives me a good cardio workout.

Let's Get Physical

I tried working during the day. But my body clock has just been used to graveyard shift for so long that it refuses to wake up during day time. The problem is, I usually get very, very sleepy in the wee hours of the morning. I figured, maybe if I do some workout routine plus yoga, I can up my energy levels and stay awake longer. I was right! Plus, I need to shed off all that buttery fat I've been ingesting since I started cooking almost everything with butter. Yummy kasi eh! ^_^

Music and Me

I have no illusions of becoming a rockstar. I know I'm not that talented in that area. I am however, hopeful, that I can at least play some nice tunes with my drums and guitar. They help me de-stress and have fun. I still have Peter's keyboards and bongos to learn though. Next time...

Our Bedroom

I used to work here in our bedroom. But because I wanted to separate work from bedroom activities (*wink*wink*), I had to declutter this space, take out my workstation and transfer it to our study room where it is more appropriate. I've also read somewhere that keeping the bedroom "clean" can do wonders for a couple's sex life. ^_^

The Guestroom

I reorganized the guestroom a bit to make it more homey for friends who might come & stay over. I transfered the couch from our bedroom, and put it beside the guest bed, directly across the TV, for better and more cozy TV viewing. I also stationed the little bamboo table at the corner and placed the electric fan on top instead of on the floor.

Our TV Corner

This is where we watch 24, Lost, Supernatural, Dexter (and other TV series) as of late; where I play our wii (I open up the Capiz divider and rotate the TV 45 degrees for better playing action); and where I read magazines when I have the time.

My Office

Like I said, I transfered my workstation in our little study room. Being surrounded by our books, gadgets and other what-nots help me concentrate and focus on my job; plus, the aircon here can be so cold, like in a real office; there's no TV to distract me either. However, when I do get tired, I set up a little cot on the floor beside my tiger carpet for my little catnaps. ^_^ Or sometimes I take a short break and play with my PSP. ^_^

My Little Helpers

I bought a back and foot massager with infrared heat years ago from Watsons then I forgot all about it until I did some general cleaning one day and voila, it's still almost as good as new. I figured this is so perfect for my aching back. I sit in front of the computer for several hours a day and it does its toll on my lower back. Thank God for this massager, I am now able to work much better. The slender shaper on the other hand is meant for trimming and toning the muscles in the tummy, thighs, arms, etc. Since I only have 1-2 hours for my workout these days (kickboxing, wii sports, biking, yoga), I can now tone my muscles while doing my work! And of course, I have my old reliable manual foot massager --- perfect for rejuvenating my feet's pressure points while I am busy working. All these apparatuses help keep me energized and awake all throughout my shift.

P.S. Thanks to Popsy and Peter. If not for them, I won't even be enjoying this kind of life. They're God's gifts to me. *hugs&kisses*

How about you? How have you been living your life lately? ^_^

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