Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Casa San Pablo Valentine Stay

The following is a post I drafted while we were staying in Casa San Pablo last Feb. 14, 2010. Can I just say that so far, this has been the best Valentine weekend celebration of my entire life?! ^_^
For those who want to read this Valentine travelogue from the beginning, please clickthe link below:
Feb . 14, 2010... I now sit here, at Casa San Pablo, one of the nicest bed and breakfast places my hubby and I have ever been to, feeling so happy and content with my life. We checked in here last night (Feb. 13, 2010), right after our windsurfing activity. Well, not necessarily right after, coz we still had to drive for almost 2 hours just to get to San Pablo City from Caliraya. The moment we entered the resort, we were just so enamored by it's tranquility and beauty. We immediately checked-in so we can change into our swimming attire and enjoy the swimming pool under the stars.
The room we got was room # 7, formerly the guest room of a renowned Filipino poet, Rofel Brion, who is also a family friend of Casa San Pablo's owners. Some of his poems are framed and hanging on the walls of this room, showing tribute to his great talent.

We got there before 9 pm and the pool was already closed. I used my charm and asked for consideration since we were checking-in very late and maybe we can have an hour to enjoy the warm water. The caretaker agreed. Yay!
We swam at the pool, hung out in one of their hammocks and gazed at the stars... This photo below took numerous takes before Peter finally got a great shot of the sky, plus stiff neck. Hihihi. ^_^
The next morning, we saw Casa San Pablo in its beautiful, wonderful, breathtaking glory. The place was just so serene and gorgeous. We spent our morning touring their huge property filled with pine trees, flowering plants, birds and butterflies.
Breakfast was buffet style in their huge dining area. We brought our food to one of their cozy wooden nooks so we can have a nice view of the garden. They served Chicken Adobo, Danggit, Rice, Eggs, and Hot Chocolate. We had a feast! *burp* For P1,500 per person/per night inclusive of breakfast, and use of amenities, I think it was worth it.
The rest of our morning was spent by the swimming pool, before we finally checked out at 12 noon. Check-out time was supposed to be at 10:00 am , but the caretaker was kind enough to approve 2 extra and free hours for our stay. Weee!!!
As I write these things, it's almost 12 noon on a Valentine's morning and we're about to check out Casa San Pablo. We plan to see one the seven famous lakes in the area, have dinner somewhere nice then head back to our beautiful and cozy home.
To be continued...
To see more photos of this trip, please click the link below:


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wow amazing...
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Great pictures Jen, you do justice to your blog title :Sexy Nomad. Cheers.


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