Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bolinao in Pangasinan - Reminiscing Old Times

It's been a long while since the first time we visited Bolinao, Pangasinan last June 11-12, 2006. I only remembered it when our *foreman, Kuya Angie, saw all our beach photos hanging around the house, and he started talking about his hometown, Bolinao. I said, "Hey Kuya, we've been there!" How great would it be if we try to visit the place again this year, after 4 long years. I bet the place is still the same.

*we are currently having my bathroom retiled and the front yard renovated by constructing fences, trellis and gate.

It turns out, Kuya Angie's ancestral home is right over there, fronting the white sandy beaches of Bolinao. And whenever we want to visit the place again, he said to just let him know. Wow! My mind started ticking. It was the month of June when we last went there. We were surprised by the sunny weather that weekend but the water was not that calm. Maybe, if we go this month, we'd see the more serene, calm, and beautiful facade of its turquoise blue waters. I'm getting excited! I want to go this weekend (March 20-21, 2010). But Kuya Angie insisted it would be better to go during their fiesta on March 27-28. We're just waiting for word from his aunt, but more or less, it's a date! ^_^

I actually bought new Speedo & Finis snorkeling gear complete with mask, snorkel, life vest and fins. For some reason, I am itching to snorkel. Originally, I was thinking of taking scuba diving lessons, but because of my fear underwater (my ear hurt and my heart rate was abnormal the last time we went fun diving in Anilao in 2006), plus Peter is not so excited about it (he's already an excellent skin diver to begin with and he gets claustrophobic and bored when surrounded by an immense body of water and when he's underwater for a long time), we decided to forego the activity and just use the money to renovate the house. The whole thing turned out more practical and at least the money didn't go to waste.

So anyway, going back to Bolinao, here are some of our unpublished photos from our last trip there. Peter and I went with Brownman Revival's vocalist, Dino Concepcion, my GF Joan, and our friend Paw. Looking at these photos makes me all the more excited to visit Bolinao once again!

Setting foot at Bolinao's white sandy beach a few hours after midnight...

While the others were sleeping, I was waitin g for the sun to rise...

A Visit to the Lighthouse

Aaaahhh... Beeeeaaaacccchhhhh!!!!!

Enchanted by the Enchanted Cave

Bolinao, see you very soon!!!

For more photos, please click the following link:


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