Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mandaue Foam Furniture: Our New Memory Foam & Bed Foot Stool

Finally! After a month, our memory foam finally became available. Peter picked it up from Mandaue Foam Furniture Showroom at Ortigas extension branch last Saturday. Thanks to our dear friend John who bought us this wonderful gift, the quality of our sleep has been so much better ever since. Actually, since we started sleeping on the memory foam, Peter and I seldom wake up early now. I dunno if that's good or bad. Teehee. Anyway, what we got is the thickest they have which is 2 inches, just enough to feel its softness and comfort. It molds the shape of our backs, or whatever position we decide to do when we sleep. It's just pure heaven! And oh, it's sturdy enough for acrobatic sex too. Teehee. ^_^

Last month, we also bought a bed foot stool, which I've been wanting for a long time now. It's just that whenever we go look at furniture shops, I never seem to find a design that will fit the wooden look of our bedroom. Then we saw the one at Mandaue. It was love at first sight! We immediately bought it that weekend. It's the same weekend Peter and I visited John at his Php27 million home. ^_^ But because we brought the Yaris with us, the bed foot stool wouldn't fit, so we figured we'll just come back for it once the memory foam is available too. So last weekend, Peter got the bed foot stool together with the memory foam. It's where I usually work now. It's just so comfortable. I can even have three mini designs for it. Look:

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