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My Treetop and All Hands Beach Birthday Adventure in Subic

After my Momolicious birthday lunch with my hubby and my Max’s birthday dinner with my family, we now come to the adventurous part of my being 32. See, I’ve never felt more alive and happy and so I wanted to honor my 32 years here on Earth by doing something I have never done before. This includes braving rides such as the TREE DROP which I already previewed here on my blog, CANOPY RIDE and INTERACTIVE FREE FALL at Treetop Adventure in Subic. We were supposed to do Superman and Silver Surfer too. But the Canopy ride took  a lot of time and Super Man ride was undergoing maintenance when we went there on my birthday weekend last Feb. 21, 2010. So we’ll just do the other 2 dangerous rides another time, like say, this coming weekend, (which is in a few hours from now!) when we go to Subic again with my hubby and girlfriend, Ninette this time. ^_^ Before I leave, I just want to share this travelogue first. 

That day, Feb. 21, 2010,  started smoothly. We went out of my parents’ house in San Mateo Rizal at about 6:00 am  that Sunday morning. Thanks to SCTEX, by 8:00, we were already in Subic! We were all feeling quite hungry by then so breakfast at Jollibee was in order. It took quite a while for our orders to be served. There were so many people there that day. I guess it wa sbecause Feb. 22 was declared holiday for students and lo and behold — many of these students (and their parents) decidedto take a day trip to Subic that same day. After our Jollibee family breakfast, we headed to Treetop Adventure and had the rides of our lives! Come and see!

  This is Tree Top Adventure, a park where the beauty of unspoiled forest presents itself as a perfect backdrop for your holiday activity.
We invite you to experience nature tripping from a breathtaking view – from 100 feet above the ground! With jungle trails comprised of platforms nestled on branches, suspension bridges, and the world’s first motorized canopy tour, what we offer is more than just the peak of excitement.
Learn new things; with fresh eyes, we encourage you to explore. Find inner peace as you go through a natural sanctuary hidden by foliage. Or at the very least, conquer your fear of heights. Tree Top Adventure offers each one a personal journey, with unforgettable memories as dense as the forest that you won’t help but feel closer to the ones you take this most marvelous trip with. 
 Peter’s Tree Drop

Jen’s Tree Drop
  Jen & Smeerf’s Interactive Free Fall


 Peter and Mac’s Interactive Freefall
 Canopy Rides
Canopy Ride from Station 1 to 2

Canopy Ride from Station 6 to 7

At Station 9, waiting for our turn

Canopy Ride from Station 9-10


Tree Top Adventure Package

Appreciate unspoiled nature from up to 100 feet above the ground! Follow an adventure trail like no other, suspended among the rainforests’ highest branches. Cross 4 suspension bridges and tak 9 motorized cable rides of up to 220 meters in length.

RATE: Php 350/person
DURATION: 1.5-2 hours

Trekking Adventure Package

Sometimes, to experience an unforgettable high, one must keep his feet firmly on the ground. Come have a serene walk as Treetop guides you through the wilderness. Marvel at the magnificent flora and fauna of Subic’s renowned virgin rainforest from the ground level with all the excitement going on above your head.

RATE: Php 100/person
DURATION:1-1.5 hours

Ultimate Adventure Package

Experience real WildLife! Soar from tree to tree while securely suspended in two fashions, face down and seated. Here, the Superman ride is part of your activities. In this thrilling trail, cover 5 platforms, cross 4 suspension bridges and conquer 5 cable lines of up to 450 feet long and 100 feet high.

RATE: Php 350/person
DURATION:1.5-2 hours

Tree-Drop Adventure Package

Serene as the jungle may seem, there is also something in it to quench your thirst for adrenaline rush. Flirt with gravity by rappelling down the side of a 60-foot tree! Each descent is a unique adventure as the park offer a variety of styles - the conventional, the spider style and the daring Australian style (face first!).

RATE: Php 150/person/rappel


Tree Top Adventure Park
Upper MAU FSC Tourism 
Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales, Philippines 2222
Landline: 045-499-1179 or 045-499-0695

After all those dizzying rides, we headed to the beach!!!
 All Hands Beach Resort: entrance fee is Php150 per person; cottage prices range from Php300, Php1000, Php3500, and Php4,500; they have a canteen that sells homemadePinoy meals at very affordable prices (Php50-Php150); and they rent out kayaks, pedal boats, & jet skis jet skis
The beach in itself wasn’t really that bad. We just had to wear aqua shoes while in the water because the sea bed was rocky. But that’s okay. As long as the water was clear and clean, I was fine with it. ^_^

For more photos, please click on this link:

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