Friday, March 19, 2010

Subic: Royal Duty Free and Texas Joe's

After our little beach trip at Dungaree Beach, we headed to the Duty Free area to window shop supposedly. But we ended up buying a bottle of of Korean Aloe Vera Juice & Mandarin Juice, Korean noodles, Korean ice cream sandwich, imported chocolates and other food. This was also where I got my Ryka sneakers, Rider slippers and Peter's Nike rubber shoes. ^_^

Come dinner time, we wanted to go somewhere we've never tried before. So when we saw Texas Joe, we just had to taste their all American dishes! It was pricey but worth it.

This is so cool! As we sat down, we were given a whole spread of Manila paper and crayons. We drew our time away! The food took a bit long to cook anyway.

Finally, the food arrived! I almost had a stroke after I finished a whole slab of baby back ribs, a cup of mashed potatoes, some Baguio beans and corn. Teehee. So yummy!!!

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