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Borawan Island in Padre Burgos Quezon - How To Get There

This post is still about the places my husband Peter, and I, explored last Good Friday... If you want to start this Padre Burgos beach travelogue from the beginning, please click the following link:

Padre Burgos Beaches


After waiting for about a hour, the boatmen finally arrived. I told them about the arrangement I made with Kuya Vic. We wanted to visit all possible islands in the area for the price of Php1,500 (Borawan, Puting Buhangin, Maliit at Malaking Talabaan, Kwebang Lampas, Mag-asawang Bato and Dampalitan Beach where we will camp for the night). They obliged and a few minutes past 7 in the morning, we were on our way to our first destination which was BORAWAN island.

The boat ride took about 45 minutes. On our way to Borawan, I couldn't help but notice how serene the sea was. The water was a perefct mirror image of the sky. It was so beautiful that I could stare at it forever.

And did I mention that it was a cold, breezy, summer morning? But still, I wanted to get my tan as soon as possible so I took off my clothes to reveal the bikini I was wearing underneath. I dabbed on some Nivea sunblock lotion with SPF 30 for sun protection. I used to buy the one with SPF 4 but since I'm not getting any younger and I still have a lot of beach trips to go to until June this year, and possibly even until the end of the year, I better start caring for my sunkissed skin. I also don't want to get too burnt the way I did last year after my two consecutive weeks of touring Jakarta, Bali and Boracay. ^_^ Anyway, on the way to Borawan, we passed by some private beaches. How I wish we could owe one someday. Looking at the simplicity of the lives of the local here just melted my heart and took away all the stress I was feeling. I really want to do this, I mean travel to beaches, every weekend. ^_^

The name Borawan by the way was derived from two of the most visited tourist spots in our country -- Boracay, for its clear emerald waters, and Palawan, for its magnificent limestone cliffs and boulders.

On the contrary,when we got to Borawan island, the quality of the sand and water, though clean and clear, was more comparable to that of Pearl Farm beach in Davao rather than that of Boracay. It has two short stretches of beach lined with few cottages. There was no entrance fee. We noticed that the sand wasn't really white, it was light beige which was good for enough for us. Because it was a Good Friday, there were a number people camping on the beach and a few others who were doing some rock climbing.

We went to the left side of the island where there weren't many people and I was the first one to climb one of the boulders while Peter took my photo. So fun!

We didn't stay very long at this island. Though it's the most famous of all the islands in the area, and the number one choice of most people for camping, we just didn't find it as spectacular than what we hoped. The same way that I didn't like much the quality of the water at Pearl Farm beach resort in Davao, I also found the quality of the water here just average. Plus, there wasn't much shade nor trees in the area except for the little caves under the boulders and the few cottages lined up by the beach. I also didn't want to be with the many people camping in there, so, after about 30 thirty minutes, we headed to our next destination. Perhaps, we'll go back here when it's not peak season and explore the beauty of Borawan Island some more.

To be continued...

For more photos, please click the following link:

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